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International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling (IJSPM)

International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Miniaturised structure design, modelling and simulation process for active engine mountsPu Wang; Rang-Lin Fan; Zeng-Yao Xing; Wei-Cun Zhang; Quan-Fa WuVol.16 No.166-77Free access
Discrete-event simulation and data analysis for process flow improvements in a cabinet manufacturing facilityOsama Mohsen; Sina Abdollahnejad; Narges Sajadfar; Yasser Mohamed; Simaan AbouRizkVol.16 No.157-65Free access
The cost analysis of a leading optics business in Saudi ArabiaAhmed A. BakhshVol.16 No.149-56Free access
A new transformation approach for complex systems modelling and simulation: application to industrial control systemNoureddine Seddari; Sofiane Boukelkoul; Abdelghani Bouras; Mohamed Belaoued; Mohammed RedjimiVol.16 No.134-48Free access
Numerical simulation for fractional phi-4 equation using homotopy Sumudu approachA.K. Alomari; Ghufran A. Drabseh; Mohammad F. Al-Jamal; Ramzi B. AlBadarnehVol.16 No.126-33Free access
Path-based modelling of business processesWilhelm NüßerVol.16 No.114-25Free access
A new semantic annotation approach for software vulnerability source codeChi Zhang; Jinfu Chen; Lei Zhang; Shujie Chen; Zufa ZhangVol.16 No.11-13Free access