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International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling (IJSPM)

International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Optimisation of customer satisfaction index model for business hall of operatorWanru Wang; Xinxiong Liu; Yuhan SuVol.15 No.1/2189-198Free access
Energy consumption models in dialysis clinics for agent-based decision supportStefan Wandler; Shan Bai; Wolfgang RaskobVol.15 No.1/2170-188Free access
XML-based DEVS modelling and simulation trackingYoucef Dahmani; Hemza Nedjari Benhadj Ali; Abdelkader BoubekeurVol.15 No.1/2155-169Free access
A novel method of reactive voltage optimisation for photovoltaic systemsWei Min Zhang; Yan Xia ZhangVol.15 No.1/2145-154Free access
Real-time health status evaluation for electric power equipment based on cloud modelWenqing Zhao; Min CuiVol.15 No.1/2134-144Free access
Large-scale text classification with deeper and wider convolution neural networkMin Huang; Wei HuangVol.15 No.1/2120-133Free access
Fast fractal image retrieval algorithm based on HV partitionHejin Yuan; Mingjie Li; Weihua Niu; Linna Zhang; Kebin CuiVol.15 No.1/2111-119Free access
Modelling of ship collision avoidance behaviours based on AIS dataMiao Gao; Guoyou ShiVol.15 No.1/2100-110Free access
Two-sided M-Bayesian limits of credibility of reliability parameters in the case of zero-failure data and a case studyWanyi Dai; Siqi Li; Mei Zhang; Yueming Hu; Dongfang MeiVol.15 No.1/289-99Free access
Validating trustworthy service composition through VIPLE and pi-calculusShenghui Zhao; Yuemin Li; Yang Wang; Yinong ChenVol.15 No.1/276-88Free access
Modelling and simulation of intelligent collision avoidance based on ship domainWeifeng Li; Jiaxuan Yang; Xiaori Gao; Jiagen YuVol.15 No.1/264-75Free access
Simulation modelling and analysis of balance mechanisms of innovation search in innovation networkLinling Xie; Tie WeiVol.15 No.1/252-63Free access
Decision supporting for ship collision avoidance in restricted watersYuanqiang Zhang; Guoyou Shi; Hu Liu; Weifeng LiVol.15 No.1/240-51Free access
Research on NOx emission of coal-fired unit based on multi-model clustering ensembleChenggang Zhen; Huaiyuan Liu; Hanyong HaoVol.15 No.1/230-39Free access
Seamless development in Java of distributed real-time systems using actorsFranco Cicirelli; Libero Nigro; Paolo F. SciammarellaVol.15 No.1/213-29Free access
Modelling and application of laparoscopic simulation system for panhysterectomyXue Wang; Lili Xuan; Ying Pan; Haoying Wang; Xiaochen Huang; Ming LiuVol.15 No.1/23-12Free access