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International Journal of Data Science (IJDS)

International Journal of Data Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Reform strategies of public government departments in the era of cultural innovationCaihong FengVol.8 No.169-88Free access
Study on compensation mechanism for regional ecological protection under the background of ecological civilisationLijuan XiangVol.8 No.152-68Free access
Texture feature extraction of a landscape design image based on the contour wave transformWenya LiVol.8 No.139-51Free access
Review of spectral clustering algorithms used in proteomicsShraddha Kumar; Anuradha Purohit; Sunita VarmaVol.8 No.116-38Free access
Structure design and system implementation of a supermarket shopping robot based on deep learningJinyun Jiang; Shiyi Ying; Wanxin Fu; Xiaoliang JiangVol.8 No.11-15Free access