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International Journal of Data Science (IJDS)

International Journal of Data Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Discrimination-aware data mining: a surveyAsmita Kashid; Vrushali Kulkarni; Ruhi PatankarVol.2 No.170-84Free access
Will the Stop TB Partnership targets on TB control be realised on schedule? Projection of future incidence, prevalence and death ratesYu Sang Chang; Changyong ChoiVol.2 No.144-69Free access
Modified replenishment policy for multi-item inventory of imperfect quality items using ABC classification and cross-selling effectMandeep Mittal; Sarla Pareek; Juhi SinghVol.2 No.129-43Free access
FastMap in dimensionality reduction: ensemble clustering of high dimensional dataImran Khan; Joshua Z. HuangVol.2 No.115-28Free access
Towards important issues of pattern retrieval: pattern warehouseVivek Tiwari; Ramjeevan Singh ThakurVol.2 No.11-14Free access