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European Journal of Industrial Engineering (EJIE)

European Journal of Industrial Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Complexity in manufacturing systems and its measures: a literature reviewBugra Alkan; Daniel A. Vera; Mussawar Ahmad; Bilal Ahmad; Robert HarrisonVol.12 No.1116-150Free access
Development of a knowledge-based intelligent decision support system for operational risk management of global supply chainsYang-Byung Park; Sung-Joon Yoon; Jun-Su YooVol.12 No.193-115Free access
The impact of online sales on centralised and decentralised dual-channel supply chainsIlkyeong Moon; S.P. Sarmah; S. SahaVol.12 No.167-92Free access
PSO and simulated annealing for the two-machine flowshop scheduling problem with coupled-operationsNadjat Meziani; Mourad Boudhar; Ammar OulamaraVol.12 No.143-66Free access
A branch and bound algorithm for solving large-scale single-machine scheduling problems with non-identical release datesSeyed Hessameddin Zegordi; Mohammad YavariVol.12 No.124-42Free access
Solution algorithms to minimise the total family tardiness for job shop scheduling with job familiesJae-Min Yu; Dong-Ho LeeVol.12 No.11-23Free access