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European Journal of Industrial Engineering (EJIE)

European Journal of Industrial Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Hub location problem with balanced round-trip flows on hub linksQing-Mi HuVol.15 No.1131-166Free access
Two-phase differential evolution for solving emergency response supplies optimisation problemQi Cao; K.M. Leung; Wenhua HouVol.15 No.1103-130Free access
A multi-objective approach in expanding the pre-positioning warehouse networks in humanitarian logisticsErtan Yakıcı; Mumtaz Karatas; Serhan DuranVol.15 No.167-102Free access
Service capacity procurement in logistics service supply chain with demand updating and reciprocal behaviourWeihua Liu; Wanying Wei; Donglei ZhuVol.15 No.135-66Free access
A systematic literature review of the design of intermodal freight transportation networks addressing location-allocation decisionsAnny Del Mar Agamez-Arias; José P. García-Sabater; Angel Ruiz; José Moyano-FuentesVol.15 No.11-34Free access