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International Journal of Water (IJW)

International Journal of Water

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Water management technologies using Industry 4.0 toolsMedoh Chuks; Arnesh TelukdarieVol.14 No.4272-294Free access
Influence of climate type on the predictive capabilities of stochastic models applied to monthly dam inflowsLeila Benchaiba; Larbi Houichi; Hocine AmarchiVol.14 No.4256-271Free access
The current situation of water resources and future feasible plans in TaiwanYu-Fen Chen; Ching-Hua MaoVol.14 No.4240-255Free access
Assessing the impact of meteorological parameters for forecasting floods in the northern districts of Bihar using machine learningVikas Mittal; T.V. Vijay Kumar; Aayush GoelVol.14 No.4219-239Free access