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International Journal of Migration and Border Studies (IJMBS)

International Journal of Migration and Border Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Engaging migrant careworkers: examining cases of exploitation by recruitment agencies in Quebec, CanadaLindsay Larios; Jill Hanley; Manuel Salamanca Cardona; Mostafa Henaway; Nuha Dwaikat Shaer; Sonia Ben SoltaneVol.6 No.1/2138-157Free access
Freedom, technology and surveillance: everyday paradoxes on the EU-Morocco borderEmma Mc CluskeyVol.6 No.1/2115-137Free access
The interoperability controversy or how to fail successfully: lessons from EuropeDidier Bigo; Lina Ewert; Elif Mendos KuşkonmazVol.6 No.1/293-114Free access
The socio-genesis of a guild of 'digital technologies' justifying transnational interoperable databases in the name of security and border purposes: a reframing of the field of security professionals?Didier BigoVol.6 No.1/274-92Free access
The power elite of security research in Europe: from competitiveness and external stability to dataveillance and societal securityMédéric Martin-MazéVol.6 No.1/252-73Free access
The civil paradox: Swedish arms production and export and the role of emerging security technologiesSebastian LarssonVol.6 No.1/226-51Free access
The crafting of a paradox: Schengen inside and outChristina Oelgemöller; Leonie Ansems De Vries; Kees GroenendijkVol.6 No.1/27-25Free access