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International Journal of Happiness and Development (IJHD)

International Journal of Happiness and Development

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Comparative determinants of quality of growth in developing countriesSimplice A. Asongu; Ndemaze AsonguVol.4 No.165-89Free access
'Show me the compassion!' Changing the organisational mind within construction industryDirk Barrett; Malik M.A. KhalfanVol.4 No.140-64Free access
An empirical study of social support, stress and life satisfaction among engineering graduates: mediating role of perceived work/study life balanceKhushboo Kumar; Rachna ChaturvediVol.4 No.125-39Free access
Economic inequality can generate unhappiness that leads to violent crime in societyMario CocciaVol.4 No.11-24Free access