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International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking (IJPMB)

International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Service identification by enhanced K-mean algorithm in service-oriented architectureAnurag Shashwat; Deepak KumarVol.10 No.1132-146Free access
Optimisation of WEDM parameters in a gear cutting process using MOORA-based GAKasinath Das Mohapatra; Mantra Prasad Satpathy; Susanta Kumar SahooVol.10 No.199-131Free access
Parametric nonlinear programming for fuzzified queuing systems with catastropheChandra Shekhar; Amit Kumar; Shreekant VarshneyVol.10 No.169-98Free access
Consequences of knowledge processes in small businesses: the role of knowledge acquisition, dynamic capabilities, knowledge sharing and creativitySayyed Mohsen Allameh; Masoud Kiani Khozani; Behzad BaniasadiVol.10 No.148-68Free access
Quality edge extraction of mechanical CAD parts for intelligent manufacturingTushar Jain; Meenu; H.K. SardanaVol.10 No.122-47Free access
Forecasting and aggregate planning application – a case study of a small enterprise in IndonesiaElia Oey; Williem Artono Wijaya; Scherly HansopaheluwakanVol.10 No.11-21Free access