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International Journal of Low Radiation (IJLR)

International Journal of Low Radiation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A thorough investigation of the uranium concentration in phosphate mines: a case study of Minjingu phosphate mine, Arusha, United Republic of TanzaniaLazaro H. Meza; Mohsen A. Mandour; Mahmoud H. Shalaby; Mohamed H. Hassan; Nader A. MohamedVol.10 No.174-92Free access
Radioactivity measurement of 222Rn, 226Ra and 238U in pharmaceuticals and evaluation of cancer riskSaleh Al-OmariVol.10 No.161-73Free access
Importance of radon studies in rural areas and correlation of indoor radon level with radon inventoryKailas Sekhar Banerjee; Debashish SenguptaVol.10 No.148-60Free access
Enhancement of natural radioactivity in farm surface soils from Abyan Delta in YemenEmran Eisa Saleh; Abdallah Ibrahim Abd El-Mageed; Hany El-Gamal; Maher Taher HussienVol.10 No.134-47Free access
Natural radioactivity and hazardous index of major South Indian river sedimentsS. Murugesan; S. Mullainathan; V. RamasamyVol.10 No.114-33Free access
Evaluation and analysis of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K and radon exhalation rate in the soil samples for health risk assessmentSandeep Kansal; Rohit MehraVol.10 No.11-13Free access