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International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC)

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A vision about lifelong learning and its barriersJordi Conesa; Montserrat Garcia-Alsina; Josep-Maria Batalla-Busquets; Beni Gómez-Zúñiga; María J. Martínez-Argüelles; Tona Monjo; Enric Mor; María Del Carmen Cruz GilVol.14 No.162-71Free access
An effort to characterise enhancements I/O of storage environmentsLaercio Pioli; Victor Ströele; Mario A.R. DantasVol.14 No.151-61Free access
A survey on auto-scaling: how to exploit cloud elasticityMarta Catillo; Umberto Villano; Massimiliano RakVol.14 No.137-50Free access
An evaluation environment for high-performance computing combining supercomputing and cloudYusuke Gotoh; Toshihiro KotaniVol.14 No.129-36Free access
Towards a cloud model choice evaluation: comparison between cost/features and ontology-based analysisPasquale Cantiello; Beniamino Di Martino; Michele Mastroianni; Luigi Colucci Cante; Mariangela GrazianoVol.14 No.115-28Free access
Quality of service prediction model in cloud computing using adaptive dynamic programming parameter tunerMonika; Om Prakash SangwanVol.14 No.11-14Free access