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International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC)

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A negotiation based dynamic pricing heuristic in cloud computingGaurav Baranwal; Dinesh Kumar; Zahid Raza; Deo Prakash VidyarthiVol.9 No.183-96Free access
Performance analysis of two WMN architectures by WMN-GA simulation system considering different distributions and transmission ratesKeita Matsuo; Miralda Cuka; Takaaki Inaba; Tetsuya Oda; Leonard Barolli; Admir BarolliVol.9 No.175-82Free access
A hybrid heuristic resource allocation model for computational grid for optimal energy usageAchal Kaushik; Deo Prakash VidyarthiVol.9 No.151-74Free access
Extensible markup language keywords search based on security access controlMeijuan Wang; Jian Wang; Kejun GuoVol.9 No.143-50Free access
An improved image classification based on K-means clustering and BoW modelYong-Lang Liu; Zhong Cai; Ji-Tao ZhangVol.9 No.137-42Free access
MT-DIPS: a new data duplication integrity protection scheme for multi-tenants sharing storage in SaaSLin Li; Yongxin Zhang; Yanhui DingVol.9 No.126-36Free access
SER performance optimisation of AF cooperative communication system based on directional antennaRuilian Tan; Zhe Li; Xi SuVol.9 No.118-25Free access
Enhanced cuckoo search algorithm for virtual machine placement in cloud data centresEsha Barlaskar; Yumnam Jayanta Singh; Biju IssacVol.9 No.11-17Free access