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International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC)

International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Privacy information in a positive credit systemMarcelo Luiz Brocardo; Carlos Roberto De Rolt; Julio Da Silva Dias; Ricardo Felipe Custodio; Issa TraoreVol.8 No.161-69Free access
Dynamic routing algorithm in wireless mesh networkBhupendra Kumar Gupta; Srikanta Patnaik; Manas Kumar Mallick; Ajit Kumar NayakVol.8 No.153-60Free access
Cooperation forwarding data gathering strategy of wireless sensor networksLing Chen; Lifang Liu; Xiaogang Qi; Gengzhong ZhengVol.8 No.146-52Free access
A security routing protocol based on convergence degree and trustLing Chen; Xiaogang Qi; Lifang Liu; Gengzhong ZhengVol.8 No.138-45Free access
Connecting priority algorithm for node deployment in directional sensor networksLi Tan; Yucheng Chen; Minghua Yang; Jipeng Hu; Jingjing LianVol.8 No.129-37Free access
Design and implementation of IOT gateway based on embedded μTenux operating systemXiaofeng Yao; Lei WangVol.8 No.122-28Free access
Verifying integrity of exception handling in service-oriented softwareTong Xue; Shi Ying; Qing Wu; Xiangyang Jia; Xiaohui Hu; Xiaoying Zhai; Tao ZhangVol.8 No.17-21Free access
The realisation of goal-driven airport enclosures intrusion alarm systemXiaofeng YaoVol.8 No.11-6Free access


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