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International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives (IJBD)

International Journal of Bonds and Derivatives

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Long memory forecasting of yield spreads using a fractionally integrated ARMA model and its application in Islamic capital marketIssam Bousalam; Moustapha HamzaouiVol.3 No.171-92Free access
Impact of seasoned equity and private placement disclosures on derivative prices: are the spot and option markets integrated?Mohamed Ariff; Fan-Fah Cheng; Shamsher MohamadVol.3 No.144-70Free access
Real rate swaption and zero coupon inflation index swaptionChristian KamtchuengVol.3 No.121-43Free access
Optimal hedging using both regular and weather derivativesAugusto Castillo; Rafael AguilaVol.3 No.11-20Free access