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International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment (IJEWE)

International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Book Review: Full Employment Abandoned: Shifting Sands and Policy Failures by William Mitchell and Joan MuyskenPhilip LawnVol.4 No.195-98Free access
Towards genuine progress on the Genuine Progress IndicatorMichael HarrisVol.4 No.182-94Free access
Response to ''Income, sustainability and the 'microfoundations' of the GPI''Philip LawnVol.4 No.159-81Free access
Academic staff perspectives on operating beyond industrial actions for sustainable quality assurance in public universities in KenyaFuchaka Waswa, Gabriel KatanaVol.4 No.145-58Free access
Household labour allocation to forest extraction and other activities in areas adjacent to tropical forests: the case of Kakamega forest, Western KenyaGeophrey Sikei, John Mburu, Job Kibiwot LagatVol.4 No.132-44Free access
Reward for environmental performance: using the Scanlon Plan as catalyst to green organisationsJacob A. Massoud, Bonnie F. Daily, James W. BishopVol.4 No.115-31Free access
Environmental capacity constraints in macroeconomic policy analysisDodo J. ThampapillaiVol.4 No.11-14Free access