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International Journal of Powertrains (IJPT)

International Journal of Powertrains

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Improving strength for automotive plastic gears through directional fibre reinforcementVasileios SpitasVol.8 No.174-92Free access
Computerised symbolic planetary transmission modelling for automotive designChristos Spitas; Andas Amrin; Amin Amani; Georgios Vasileiou; Vasileios SpitasVol.8 No.158-73Free access
Effect of tooth profile modification on the durability of planetary hub gearsEhsan Fatourehchi; Mahdi Mohammadpour; Paul D. King; Homer Rahnejat; Gareth TrimmerVol.8 No.140-57Free access
Lubricated loaded tooth contact analysis for spur gear pairCallum Oglieve; Gajarajan Sivayogan; Mahdi Mohammadpour; Homer RahnejatVol.8 No.123-39Free access
Vibration response from the planetary gear with flexible ring gearSong Xue; Ian HowardVol.8 No.13-22Free access