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International Journal of Big Data Intelligence (IJBDI)

International Journal of Big Data Intelligence

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A big data-based RF localisation method for unmanned search and rescueJu Wang; Hongzhe Liu; Hong Bao; Cesar Flores Montoya; James HintonVol.5 No.1/2124-132Free access
A customised automata algorithm and toolkit for language learning and applicationRuoyu Wang; Guoqiang Li; Jianwen Xiang; Hongming CaiVol.5 No.1/2114-123Free access
Document stream classification based on transfer learning using latent topicsMasato Shirai; Jianquan Liu; Takao Miura; Yi-Cheng ChenVol.5 No.1/2105-113Free access
Emotion-based topic impact on social mediaFernando H. Calderon Alvarado; Yi-Shin ChenVol.5 No.1/290-104Free access
An unsupervised service annotation by review analysisMasafumi Yamamoto; Yuguan Xing; Toshihiko Yamasaki; Kiyoharu AizawaVol.5 No.1/273-89Free access
Ontology-based faceted semantic search with automatic sense disambiguation for bioenergy domainFeroz Farazi; Craig Chapman; Pathmeswaran Raju; Lynsey MelvilleVol.5 No.1/262-72Free access
Detecting spam web pages using multilayer extreme learning machineRajendra Kumar RoulVol.5 No.1/249-61Free access
Sightseeing value estimation by analysing geosocial imagesYizhu Shen; Min Ge; Chenyi Zhuang; Qiang MaVol.5 No.1/231-48Free access
Sign language recognition in complex background scene based on adaptive skin colour modelling and support vector machineTse-Yu Pan; Li-Yun Lo; Chung-Wei Yeh; Jhe-Wei Li; Hou-Tim Liu; Min-Chun HuVol.5 No.1/221-30Free access
Predicting baseline for analysis of electricity pricingTaehoon Kim; Jaesik Choi; Dongeun Lee; Alex Sim; C. Anna Spurlock; Annika Todd; Kesheng WuVol.5 No.1/23-20Free access