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Middle East Journal of Management (MEJM)

Middle East Journal of Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Designing an interpretative structural model for human resource agilityNasser Shahsavari-Pour; Hossein Sayyadi-Tooranloo; Elham Pabarja; Shahla HeydarbeigiVol.8 No.192-109Free access
Transformational leadership and its impact on customer satisfaction. Measuring mediating effects of organisational citizenship behavioursTaylan Budur; Mersid PoturakVol.8 No.167-91Free access
Ethical leadership, effectiveness and team performance: an Islamic perspectiveHalil Zaim; Ahmet Demir; Taylan BudurVol.8 No.142-66Free access
Governmental intervention and entrepreneurs' personal values: qualitative evidence from Saudi ArabiaFawwaz Ali Alhammad; Ghazi A. Al-Weshah; Abdullah AljarodiVol.8 No.123-41Free access
Emotional intelligence and conflict management: an execution of organisational learning, psychological empowerment and innovative work behaviour in Chinese higher educationZahid Shafait; Zhu Yuming; Umar Farooq SahibzadaVol.8 No.11-22Free access