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Middle East Journal of Management (MEJM)

Middle East Journal of Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
HR audit is a tool for employee retention and organisational citizenship behaviour: a mediating role of effective HR strategies in services sector of emerging economiesGhulam Muhammad; Farah NazVol.10 No.198-112Free access
RETRACTED ARTICLE Measuring the entrepreneurial performance of textile-based small-medium enterprises: a mediation moderation modelAlia Malik; Bakhtiar Ali; Shakir HafeezVol.10 No.172-97Free access
Exploring the role of human resource management practices in the nexus of internal and external employer brandingAyesha Nazish; Syed Ali Abdullah Mehboob; Sajjad Haider; Asadullah KhanVol.10 No.151-71Free access
Is being obese a crime? An examination of hiring and workplace discriminationAli Junaid Khan; Ezza Naseem; Jawad Iqbal; Muhammad Akbar Ali Ansari; Muhammad FarooqVol.10 No.134-50Free access
Links between bureaucratic culture and knowledge creation: the mediating role of knowledge-oriented leadershipShwana Hassan Ali; Mustafa SagsanVol.10 No.120-33Free access
What are the consequences faced by unbanked consumers while coping with their credit exclusion?Sohail KamranVol.10 No.11-19Free access