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International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management (IJATM)

International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management (IJATM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Estimating the welfare loss due to vehicle tariffs in MalaysiaDaniel Borer; Kock Lim Tan; Brian Chua Tatt ShenVol.21 No.1/2137-160Free access
Going digital, going green: changing production networks in the automotive industry in ChinaBoy LüthjeVol.21 No.1/2121-136Free access
Robomobility for collective transport: a prospective user centric viewSylvie Mira BonnardelVol.21 No.1/299-120Free access
Tapping into market opportunities in aging societies - the example of advanced driver assistance systems in the transition to autonomous drivingTimo Günthner; Heike Proff; Josip Jovic; Lukas ZeymerVol.21 No.1/275-98Free access
Innovation radar for disruptive technology insertion: the case of autonomous vehicles in Brazil and FranceBruna Habib Cavazza; Thais Assis De Souza; Rodrigo Marçal Gandia; André Luiz Zambalde; Isabelle NicolaïVol.21 No.1/253-74Free access
Factors of diffusion of innovations: analysis of the literature of autonomous vehiclesJoão Paulo Nascimento Da Silva; Kelly Carvalho Vieira; Joel Yutaka Sugano; Gabriel Pedrosa; Cledison Carlos De OliveiraVol.21 No.1/229-52Free access
Autonomous shuttles for collective transport: a worldwide benchmarkFabio AntonialliVol.21 No.1/25-28Free access