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International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (IJITST)

International Journal of Internet Technology and Secured Transactions

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
TAACS-FL: trust aware access control system using fuzzy logic for internet of thingsR. Thirukkumaran; P. MuthukannanVol.9 No.1/2201-220Free access
Efficient authentication and key management scheme for wireless mesh networksAmit Kumar Roy; Ajoy Kumar KhanVol.9 No.1/2184-200Free access
Spatial data storage and retrieval in cloud computing environments using attribute based encryption algorithmS. Karthi; S. PrabuVol.9 No.1/2163-183Free access
Performance analysis of cloud computing using series of queues with Erlang serviceK. Santhi; R. SaravananVol.9 No.1/2147-162Free access
Secure communication process in IoT using media gate network transmit protocol with reliable data transport protocolT. Premalatha; S. DuraisamyVol.9 No.1/2136-146Free access
Privacy preserving computation of scalar product and sign of scalar productSubrata BoseVol.9 No.1/2112-135Free access
Enhancing network lifetime through power-aware routing in MANETS. Rakesh Kumar; N. Gayathri; Balamurugan BalusamyVol.9 No.1/296-111Free access
An efficient spectrum handoff decision making scheme for cognitive radio networksK.S. Preetha; S. KalaivaniVol.9 No.1/268-95Free access
Cost-based constrained task scheduling in cloud environmentA.R. Arunarani; D. ManjulaVol.9 No.1/257-67Free access
Risk-based availability modelling and reputation management on fault tolerant cloud computing systemsDeepa Mani; Anand MahendranVol.9 No.1/237-56Free access
Event detection in sports video based on audio-visual and support vector machine. Case-study: footballVijayan Ellapan; R. RajkumarVol.9 No.1/226-36Free access
A novel dyadic multiresolution wavelet image steganography using N-aryC. Vanmathi; S. PrabuVol.9 No.1/212-25Free access
Dynamic high bandwidth nodes for routing in MANETsP. Jayalakshmi; R. SaravananVol.9 No.1/21-11Free access