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International Journal of Abrasive Technology (IJAT)

International Journal of Abrasive Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An analytical force and surface roughness model for cylindrical grinding of brittle materialsAli Zahedi; Bahman AzarhoushangVol.8 No.168-81Free access
Study on hardening mechanism in GH and PSHG based on classical nucleation theoryXiaoliang Shi; Shichao Xiu; Xiuming ZhangVol.8 No.155-67Free access
Design of dimpled engineering surfaces for improving lubrication performance in rolling-sliding contactsFukuo Hashimoto; Rao S. ZhouVol.8 No.144-54Free access
Experimental investigation of process parameters for conductive graphite abrasive mixed EDM of WC alloyJagdeep Singh; Rajiv Kumar SharmaVol.8 No.125-43Free access
Experimental investigations on super-smooth polishing of strontium titanate based ceramics substratesQiusheng Yan; Xiaobei Cao; Jisheng PanVol.8 No.11-24Free access