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International Journal of Abrasive Technology (IJAT)

International Journal of Abrasive Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Verification of deformation of thin mirror by polishing pressure using additive manufacturingDaiya Yanagi; Shinya MoritaVol.11 No.3233-246Free access
Tangential dressing of diamond grinding wheel by femto-second pulsed laser with Bessel beamJiabin Zhou; Dongkai Chu; Peng Yao; Xiyong Jin; Lianjun Zhao; Yueming Li; Shitong Liang; Jimiao Xu; Shuoshuo Qu; Chuanzhen HuangVol.11 No.3212-232Free access
An investigation on tool wear rate in the electrical discharge face grinding process for the machining of Monel 400Akshat Srivastava Kulshrestha; Mandeep Singh; Deepak Rajendra Unune; Ashok Kumar DargarVol.11 No.3196-211Free access
Effects of scale differences of microscopic texture of fine particle peened surface on adhesion behaviour of powdersHikaru Suzumoto; Yutaka Kameyama; Hideaki Sato; Ryokichi ShimpoVol.11 No.3184-195Free access
Study on cutting forces in zero-cutting after complete stop of feed motion when face milling of alloy 718Shinpei Tanaka; Ryutaro Tanaka; Katsuhiko Sekiya; Keiji YamadaVol.11 No.3175-183Free access