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International Journal of Abrasive Technology (IJAT)

International Journal of Abrasive Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Parameter analysis and modelling of grinding special-shaped granite by diamond tools based on a robot stone machining systemJing Wang; Shengui Huang; Jixiang Huang; Xipeng Xu; Changcai CuiVol.10 No.162-82Free access
Formation mechanism for edge of disc cutter made of WC/Co cemented carbideJun Zeng; Jiabin Lu; Zhihao Gao; Qiusheng YanVol.10 No.144-61Free access
Preparation, microstructure analysis and performance evaluation of bonded magnetic abrasivesPalwinder Singh; Lakhvir Singh; Sehijpal SinghVol.10 No.132-43Free access
Performance of micro-grinding pins with different bonding while micro-grinding Si3N4Serge Shamray; Mohammadali Kadivar; Amir Daneshi; Bahman AzarhoushangVol.10 No.116-31Free access
Experimental setup development and parametric study of electrochemical face grinding process using Ni-based superalloyShyam Bihari Kaushal; Audhesh NarayanVol.10 No.11-15Free access