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International Journal of Private Law (IJPL)

International Journal of Private Law

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Legal marketing: proposition for a conceptual definitionChiara Da Silva Simões; Daniel Nascimento-e-SilvaVol.9 No.4272-294Free access
An approach to the Principles of Latin American Contract Law's development and their contract remediesAlfredo FerranteVol.9 No.4259-271Free access
The replacement of the engineer under the new FIDIC Red Book 2017: issues of agency and privity of contract, with a note on QatarNisreen MahasnehVol.9 No.4246-258Free access
Law and economies of arbitration in global tax policy: Indian practiceAmit Kumar Kashyap; Pranav Singh RathoreVol.9 No.4231-245Free access
Development of liability framework for genetically modified food: problems and perspectives under international law and Indian lawS.K. Bala Shanmugam; S.R. Subramanian; M. PadmavatiVol.9 No.4201-230Free access