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International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies (IJCIStudies)

International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Identifying and managing risks in the development of online educational software for social media useDimitris Koutanis; George A. Tsihrintzis; Dionisios SotiropoulosVol.6 No.168-97Free access
SVM-based sentiment classification: a comparative study against state-of-the-art classifiersDionisios N. Sotiropoulos; Demitrios E. Pournarakis; George M. GiaglisVol.6 No.152-67Free access
Efficient hyper parameter selection for support vector regression using orthogonal arrayNatsuki Sano; Tomomichi SuzukiVol.6 No.140-51Free access
Random contractions in proactive and intelligent behaviourConstantinos Artikis; John SorrosVol.6 No.129-39Free access
Modelling of input-output relationships of metal inert gas welding process using soft computing-based approachesSomak Datta; Deepanshu; Dilip Kumar PratiharVol.6 No.11-28Free access


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