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World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research (WRITR)

World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Synergies and conflicts between marketing and supply chain management key performance indicatorsJuliana Costa Dias De Moraes; Éderson Luiz Piato; Márcio Lopes Pimenta; Thiago Alves De SouzaVol.8 No.178-96Free access
Evaluating engineered networks: the effects of structure and process on the outcome of the Brazilian small-firm networksIngridi Bortolaso; Jorge Renato Verschoore; Eduardo Henrique RigoniVol.8 No.163-77Free access
Strengthening innovative supply chain in the public transportation system of Curitiba through relational capabilitiesFernanda Salvador Alves; Ananda Silva Singh; Eduardo De Carli; Luiz Aurélio Virtuoso; Thálita Anny Estefanuto Orsiolli; Andrea Paula SegattoVol.8 No.139-62Free access
A framework of management tools for cooperation in distribution networksJorge Renato Verschoore; Theo StorckVol.8 No.122-38Free access
Minimum-cost flow algorithms: a performance evaluation using the Brazilian road networkCarolina Luisa Dos Santos Vieira; Mônica Maria Mendes Luna; Jovane Medina AzevedoVol.8 No.13-21Free access