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International Journal of Learning and Change (IJLC)

International Journal of Learning and Change

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Integrating disciplinary plans to manage learner behaviour in the pre-instructional phase of a lesson in South African schoolsAndre Leke-ateh Bechuke; Akpovire OduaranVol.12 No.191-112Free access
The relationship of leadership qualities and professional ideas among teachers of the additional education systemMarina V. Naumenko; Evgeny I. Rogov; Evgenia E. RogovaVol.12 No.176-90Free access
Characteristics of psychological and pedagogical support of children with special needsSofia G. Usmanova; Regina R. GazizovaVol.12 No.155-75Free access
Types of communicative coordination in dialogues in academic sphere of communicationNina L. Fedotova; Gou Jingyuan; Boris N. KovalenkoVol.12 No.144-54Free access
The use of technological cycles in the management of an educational institution by integrating marketing technologiesIgor Yu AnikinVol.12 No.125-43Free access
On innovative pedagogical technologies and training methodsBeibitkul S. Karimova; Nurymkul O. ZhetpeisovaVol.12 No.115-24Free access
Using activity systems theory to understand change process in developing teacher as researcher at master level studiesBlerim SaqipiVol.12 No.11-14Free access