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International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering (IJCSysE)

International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The new TOPCO hybrid algorithm to solve multi-objective optimisation problems: the integrated stochastic problem of production-distribution planning in the supply chainElham Shadkam; Shahrzad Khajooei; Reza RajabiVol.6 No.3143-157Free access
Interval valued fuzzy matrix-based decision making for machine learning algorithmsPriya Bhatnagar; Kriti Ohri; Deepak SukhejaVol.6 No.3134-142Free access
Reliability analysis of (n) clients system under star topology and copula linguistic approachVijay Vir Singh; Monika GahlotVol.6 No.3123-133Free access
Cost-effective modernisation of COBOL legacy applicationsChristophe Gaie; Franck BarbierVol.6 No.3115-122Free access
Some investigations on cost, study for economic order quantity model by quantity declined under time - associated demand and non-steady holding costR.P. Tripathi; Shweta Singh TomarVol.6 No.3109-114Free access