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International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering (IJCSysE)

International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Performance analysis and evaluation of software defined networking distributed controllers in datacentre networksWorku Muluye; Mesfin Abebe; N. Satheesh KumarVol.5 No.161-66Free access
Image style transfer using convolutional neural networks based on transfer learningVarun Gupta; Rajat Sadana; Swastikaa MoudgilVol.5 No.153-60Free access
A survey on word embedding techniques and semantic similarity for paraphrase identificationDivesh R. Kubal; Anant V. NimkarVol.5 No.136-52Free access
Hybrid converter for electric vehicle battery charging with power quality featuresB.R. Ananthapadmanabha; Rakesh Maurya; Sabha Raj AryaVol.5 No.124-35Free access
SVM classification of brain images from MRI scans using morphological transformation and GLCM texture featuresR. Usha; K. PerumalVol.5 No.118-23Free access
Pipel: exploiting resource reorganisation to optimise performance of pipeline-structured applications in the cloudVinicius Meyer; Vinicius Facco Rodrigues; Rodrigo Da Rosa Righi; Cristiano André Da Costa; Guilherme Galante; Cristiano Bonato BothVol.5 No.11-17Free access