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International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (IJCSE)

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Cross-modal correlation feature extraction with orthogonality redundancy reduce and discriminant structure constraintQianjin Zhao; Xinrui Ping; Shuzhi SuVol.26 No.1101-109Free access
Low-loss data compression using deep learning framework with attention-based autoencoderS. Sriram; P. Chitra; V. Vijay Sankar; S. Abirami; S.J. Rethina DuraiVol.26 No.190-100Free access
A new resource sharing protocol in the light of token-based strategy for distributed systemAshish Singh Parihar; Swarnendu Kumar ChakrabortyVol.26 No.178-89Free access
Spam email classification and sentiment analysis based on semantic similarity methodsUlligaddala Srinivasarao; Aakanksha SharaffVol.26 No.165-77Free access
A novel dual-fusion algorithm of single image dehazing based on anisotropic diffusion and Gaussian filterKaihan Xiao; Qingshan Tang; Si Liu; Sijie Li; Jiayi Huang; Tao HuangVol.26 No.154-64Free access
Web API service recommendation for Mashup creationGejing Xu; Sixian Lian; Mingdong TangVol.26 No.145-53Free access
Combining machine learning and effective feature selection for real-time stock trading in variable time-framesA.K.M. Amanat Ullah; Fahim Imtiaz; Miftah Uddin Md Ihsan; Md. Golam Rabiul Alam; Mahbub MajumdarVol.26 No.128-44Free access
Short-term load forecasting with bidirectional LSTM-attention based on the sparrow search optimisation algorithmJiahao Wen; Zhijian WangVol.26 No.120-27Free access
A GRU-based hybrid global stock price index forecasting model with group decision-makingJincheng Hu; Qingqing Chang; Siyu YanVol.26 No.112-19Free access
An efficient algorithm for maximum cliques problem on IoT devicesZine El Abidine BounebVol.26 No.11-11Free access