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International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (IJCSE)

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A dynamic cold-start recommendation method based on incremental graph pattern matchingYanan Zhang; Guisheng Yin; Deyun ChenVol.18 No.189-100Free access
Novel automatic seed selection approach for mass detection in mammogramsAhlem Melouah; Soumaya LayachiVol.18 No.180-88Free access
Distributed diagnosis based on distributed probability propagation netsYasser Moussa Berghout; Hammadi BennouiVol.18 No.172-79Free access
Chinese entity attributes extraction based on bidirectional LSTM networksZhonghe He; Zhongcheng Zhou; Liang Gan; Jiuming Huang; Yan ZengVol.18 No.165-71Free access
Logistic regression for imbalanced learning based on clusteringHuaping Guo; Tao WeiVol.18 No.154-64Free access
CDLB: a cross-domain load balancing mechanism for software defined networks in cloud data centreWeiyang Wang; Mianxiong Dong; Kaoru Ota; Jun Wu; Jianhua Li; Gaolei LiVol.18 No.144-53Free access
A risk analysis and prediction model of electric power GIS based on deep learningJianyong Xue; Kehe Wu; Yan ZhouVol.18 No.139-43Free access
Robust and graph regularised non-negative matrix factorisation for heterogeneous co-transfer clusteringYu Ma; Zhikui Chen; Xiru Qiu; Liang ZhaoVol.18 No.129-38Free access
The wisdom of the few: a provable approachXiao-Yu Huang; Xian-Hong XiangVol.18 No.121-28Free access
New intelligent interface study based on K-means gaze trackingJing Yu; Hang Li; Shoulin YinVol.18 No.112-20Free access
A new wolf colony search algorithm based on search strategy for solving travelling salesman problemYang Sun; Lin Teng; Shoulin Yin; Hang LiVol.18 No.11-11Free access