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International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (IJCSE)

International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Evaluating the trustworthiness of BPEL processes based on data dependency and XBFGChunling Hu; Cuicui Liu; Bixin LiVol.21 No.1146-161Free access
Deep learning for collective anomaly detectionMohiuddin Ahmed; Al-Sakib Khan PathanVol.21 No.1137-145Free access
Aligning molecular sequences using hybrid bioinspired algorithm in GPUJ. Jayapriya; Michael ArockVol.21 No.1125-136Free access
A novel coverless text information hiding method based on double-tags and twice-sendXiang Zhou; Xianyi Chen; Fasheng Zhang; Ningning ZhengVol.21 No.1116-124Free access
Parallelisation of practical shared sampling alpha matting with OpenMPTien-Hsiung Weng; Chi-Ching Chiu; Meng-Yen Hsieh; Huimin Lu; Kuan-Ching LiVol.21 No.1105-115Free access
A new neural architecture for feature extraction of remote sensing dataMustapha Si Tayeb; Hadria FizaziVol.21 No.195-104Free access
Recognition of the landslide disasters with extreme learning machineGuanyu Chen; Xiang Li; Wenyin Gong; Hui XuVol.21 No.184-94Free access
Multi-class instance-incremental framework for classification in fully dynamic graphsHardeo Kumar Thakur; Anand Gupta; Sreyashi Nag; Ritvik ShrivastavaVol.21 No.169-83Free access
Dynamic input domain reduction for test data generation with iterative partitioningEsmaeel Nikravan; Saeed ParsaVol.21 No.160-68Free access
A universal designated multi verifiers content extraction signature schemeMin Wang; Yuexin Zhang; Jinhua Ma; Wei WuVol.21 No.149-59Free access
Probabilistic rough set-based band selection method for hyperspectral data classificationMin Li; Shaobo Deng; Lei Wang; Jun YeVol.21 No.138-48Free access
Optimised tags with time attenuation recommendation algorithm based on tripartite graphs networkMing Zhang; Wei ChenVol.21 No.130-37Free access
A malware variants detection methodology with an opcode-based feature learning method and a fast density-based clustering algorithmHui Yin; Jixin Zhang; Zheng QinVol.21 No.119-29Free access
An anchor node selection mechanism-based node localisation for mines using wireless sensor networksKangshun Li; Hui Wang; Ying HuangVol.21 No.110-18Free access
A holistic IT infrastructure management frameworkSergio Varga; Gilmar Barreto; Paulo David BattaglinVol.21 No.11-9Free access