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International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation (IJMNDI)

International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Privacy preserving protocol for secure routing in wireless mesh networksGanesan Akilarasu; S. Mercy ShalinieVol.8 No.154-59Free access
Minimising network cost by employing sliding window method at mobile switching centres in GSM networkMallikharjuna Rao Nuka; M.M. NaiduVol.8 No.145-53Free access
Optimised watchdog system for detection of DDOS and wormhole attacks in IEEE802.15.4-based wireless sensor networksJegan Govindasamy; Samundiswary PunniakodiVol.8 No.136-44Free access
Reliable and energy efficient cluster-based architecture for underwater wireless sensor networksDurairaj Anuradha; Srinivasa Krishna SrivatsaVol.8 No.127-35Free access
Resource allocation and rate adaptation for multicast of real-time traffic in MANETKavitha Subramaniam; Latha TamilselvanVol.8 No.117-26Free access
An efficient artificial bee colony algorithm for optimising the design of rectangular microstrip patch antennaR. Anita; M.V. ChaitanyakumarVol.8 No.17-16Free access
A PCGL-based data loading algorithm for electrical vehicle time-triggered CANYingji Liu; Shuju Wang; Chen Ding; Yu Yao; Hongwen Xia; Jie XiaVol.8 No.11-6Free access