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International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation (IJMNDI)

International Journal of Mobile Network Design and Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Analysis of unsupervised primary-secondary user recognition using DTW and DFW in cognitive radio networksStephen G. Miller; Paul M. KumpVol.10 No.4233-239Free access
Interference in dynamic TDD: effect of MIMO rank on DoF and transceiver designAmel Tibhirt; Dirk Slock; Yi Yuan-WuVol.10 No.4222-232Free access
Leveraging Bluetooth 5.1 location services for improved multilateration: a preliminary study on indoor asset trackingMiguel Roque Soares; Tiago Rocha; Duarte Oliper; Vânia Guimarães; Ricardo SantosVol.10 No.4212-221Free access
The novel approach to spectral efficiency enhancement using massive MIMO in LoSNirav D. Patel; Vijay K. PatelVol.10 No.4202-211Free access
Enhanced network lifetime in WBAN using hybrid meta-heuristic-enabled mobile and multiple sink nodes-connected routingR. Anirudh Reddy; N. VenkatramVol.10 No.4182-201Free access
Effective anomaly detection in hybrid wireless IoT environment through machine learning model: a surveyV. Shanmuganathan; Suresh AnnamalaiVol.10 No.4175-181Free access