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International Journal of Spatio-Temporal Data Science (IJSTDS)

International Journal of Spatio-Temporal Data Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
State of art on efficient document co-editing in cloud collaborationTanuja Kumari Sharma; Hemraj SainiVol.1 No.1114-129Free access
Application of AHP-VIKOR and GMDH framework to develop an indicator to identify utilisation potential of wave energy converter with respect to locationTilottama Chakraborty; Mrinmoy Majumder; Ankit KhareVol.1 No.198-113Free access
Colour transformed clustering-based water body extraction using IRS-1C LISS III imageRubina Parveen; Subhash Kulkarni; V.D. MytriVol.1 No.184-97Free access
Topic based hierarchical summarisation of TwitterBushra Siddique; Nadeem AkhtarVol.1 No.170-83Free access
Evaluating the performance of a neural network-based multi-criteria recommender systemMohammed Hassan; Mohamed HamadaVol.1 No.154-69Free access
Performance analysis of moving object detection using BGS techniques in visual surveillanceLavanya Sharma; Nirvikar LohanVol.1 No.122-53Free access
Adaptive background modelling technique for moving object detection in video under dynamic environmentDileep Kumar Yadav; Karan SinghVol.1 No.14-21Free access