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International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES)

International Journal of Embedded Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Effect of trigonometric functions-based watermarking on blood vessel extraction: an application in ophthalmology imagingNilanjan Dey; Sk. Saddam Ahmed; Sayan Chakraborty; Prasenjit Maji; Achintya Das; Sheli Sinha ChaudhuriVol.9 No.190-100Free access
Hardware acceleration of de novo genome assemblyB. Sharat Chandra Varma; Kolin Paul; M. Balakrishnan; Dominique LavenierVol.9 No.174-89Free access
A hybrid methodology to detect memory leaks in soft real-time embedded systems softwareMabel Mary Joy; Franz Josef RammigVol.9 No.161-73Free access
Multi-person detecting and tracking based on RGB-D sensor for a robot vision systemMingxin Jiang; Dusheng Wang; Tianshuang QiuVol.9 No.154-60Free access
Implementation of dynamic reconfigurable interpolator for open architecture CNC by using FPGAXiaoyong Ni; Hongjian Zhang; Dianhong Wang; Jian LuoVol.9 No.145-53Free access
An intelligent production fluctuation monitoring system for giant oilfield developmentWenchao Fang; Hanqiao Jiang; Junjian Li; Wenpei Miao; Kang Ma; Wu XiaoVol.9 No.136-44Free access
On consumption shifting scheme for powerHeng Song; Junwu Zhu; Weicong Chen; Hongchuan ZhangVol.9 No.129-35Free access
Study of optimum control strategy for multiple pulse thyristor rectifiersWenliang Jiao; Xudong Wang; Risha Na; Lixin Zhang; Lihua LiVol.9 No.120-28Free access
Research of position sensorless control for PMSM based on sliding mode observer and phase-locked loopNarisha; Zhiwei Li; Henan Qiu; Xudong WangVol.9 No.112-19Free access
An insight into campus network user behaviour analysis decision systemXiaobing Xian; Feng Chen; Jianian WangVol.9 No.13-11Free access


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