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International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES)

International Journal of Embedded Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
RFID IoT-enabled warehouse for safety management using product class-based storage and potential fields methodsSourour Trab; Eddy Bajic; Ahmed Zouinkhi; Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim; Hassen ChekirVol.10 No.171-88Free access
GO-CP-ABE: group-oriented ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryptionYang Li; Xiaoling Tao; Wei Wu; Joseph K. LiuVol.10 No.162-70Free access
Efficient leakage-resilient blind and partially blind signaturesShuguang Dai; Zhengjun Jiang; Fangguo ZhangVol.10 No.152-61Free access
A modified Q-learning algorithm to solve cognitive radio jamming attackFeten Slimeni; Bart Scheers; Zied Chtourou; Vincent Le Nir; Rabah AttiaVol.10 No.141-51Free access
Access-driven cache attack resistant and fast AES implementationYadong Wan; Xinqiang Luo; Yue Qi; Jie He; Qin WangVol.10 No.132-40Free access
An analytic evaluation on soft error immunity enhancement due to temporal triplicationRyutaro Doi; Masanori Hashimoto; Takao OnoyeVol.10 No.122-31Free access
Area coverage estimation model for directional sensor networksZhimin Liu; Weijia Jia; Guojun WangVol.10 No.113-21Free access
A language-based intrusion detection approach for automotive embedded networksIvan Studnia; Eric Alata; Vincent Nicomette; Mohamed Kaâniche; Youssef LaarouchiVol.10 No.11-12Free access