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International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems (IJRIS)

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Cluster quality analysis based on SVD, PCA-based k-means and NMF techniques: an online survey dataHemangini Mohanty; Santilata Champati; B.L. Padmasani Barik; Anita PandaVol.15 No.186-96Free access
Face recognition algorithm of sprinters based on sliding data camera measurementYujie FanVol.15 No.179-85Free access
Entity extraction based on the combination of information entropy and TF-IDFHankiz Yilahun; Askar HamdullaVol.15 No.171-78Free access
Study on privacy node encryption method for wireless sensor networks based on edge computingYun Wei; Lingnan ZhouVol.15 No.163-70Free access
A decision tree-based method for detecting middle school students' behaviour characteristics in online English learningFeifei Wang; Fengxiang ZhangVol.15 No.154-62Free access
Location distribution detection of urban drainage pipeline based on deep learning featureWeishan Chen; Zhigang ZhouVol.15 No.148-53Free access
Study on behaviour anomaly detection method of English online learning based on feature extractionFeng WeiVol.15 No.141-47Free access
Recognition method of football players' shooting action based on Bayesian classificationXiaofang ZhaoVol.15 No.135-40Free access
Detection method of e-commerce cluster consumption behaviour based on data feature miningMing YangVol.15 No.129-34Free access
An intelligent recommendation method of personalised tour route based on association rulesYumei JingVol.15 No.122-28Free access
Named entity recognition in Odia language: a rule-based approachAmrita Anandika; Sujata Chakravarty; Bijay Kumar PaikarayVol.15 No.115-21Free access
A recognition method of learning behaviour in English online classroom based on feature data miningLu Shi; Xiaoran DiVol.15 No.18-14Free access
Image detail enhancement of two-dimensional animation scene based on dual domain decompositionBen MaVol.15 No.11-7Free access