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International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing (IJWMC)

International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Research on financial advertisement personalised recommendation method based on customer segmentationLiming Wang; Yanni Liu; Jicheng WuVol.14 No.197-101Free access
Cloud outsourcing computing security protocol of matrix multiplication computation based on similarity transformationShanshan Kong; Yongquan Cai; Fei Xue; Haiyang Yu; Allah DittaVol.14 No.190-96Free access
An improved cluster-based routing algorithm for energy optimisation in wireless sensor networksSantar Pal Singh; S.C. SharmaVol.14 No.182-89Free access
The feature extraction of facial expression based on the point distribution model of improved kinectXiao-Feng Cao; Shi ChengVol.14 No.178-81Free access
Many-to-one D2D for content delivery in cellular networksXiaoyan Zhao; Lilin Fan; Zhan'ao Xue; Peiyan YuanVol.14 No.170-77Free access
Design and optimisation of narrow dual bandpass filter using bell-shaped structure for RF receiver systemAzman Ahmad; Abdul Rani OthmanVol.14 No.164-69Free access
Optimisation of the high-order problems in evolutionary algorithms: an application of transfer learningGuo-Sheng Hao; Gai-Ge Wang; Zhao-Jun Zhang; De-Xuan ZouVol.14 No.156-63Free access
Multi-strategy artificial bee colony based on multiple population for coverage optimisationHui Sun; Kun Wang; Haihua XieVol.14 No.147-55Free access
An investigation on wireless sensor networks pipeline monitoring systemMaroua Abdelhafidh; Mohamed Fourati; Lamia Chaari Fourati; Amor LaabidiVol.14 No.125-46Free access
Wireless ad hoc network: detection of malicious node by using neighbour-based authentication approachKhurram Gulzar Rana; Cai Yongquan; Muhammad Azeem; Allah Ditta; Haiyang Yu; Sijjad Ali KhuhroVol.14 No.116-24Free access
A fuzzy priority based congestion control scheme in wireless body area networksFaezeh Pasandideh; Abbas Ali RezaeeVol.14 No.11-15Free access