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International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials (IJMMM)

International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The dependence of the ploughing forces on the cutting speedAlexey Popov; Iuliia KrasnikovaVol.24 No.1/2187-197Free access
Form variation management of products in Inconel 718 obtained through EDM process with circular shape brass electrodesSandeep Kumar; Subramanian Dhanabalan; Wilma Polini; Andrea CorradoVol.24 No.1/2165-186Free access
Experimental investigation on effect of inclusion of graphene while machining Ti6Al4VMaddamasetty Amrita; Bodduru Kamesh; Rukmini Srikant Revuru; M.S.S. Bharati; B. Chandu; S. Venugopal RaoVol.24 No.1/2149-164Free access
A dual-layer approach for enhancing the tribological and machining performance of carbide tools in dry turning of mild-steel alloyKaleem Ahmad Najar; Sheikh Nazir Ahmad; M.A. Shah; Zahid Mushtaq; Sobura AltafVol.24 No.1/2132-148Free access
Performance analysis of uncoated, TiN coated and cryotreated micro tungsten carbide tools while micromilling of Ti-6Al-4VNarendra Bhople; Sachin Mastud; Rinku MittalVol.24 No.1/2110-131Free access
Fuzzy logic expert system-based machinability analysis in end milling of aluminium nitride ceramicM.M. Reddy; Sim Lih Shenq; Prabhu SethuramalingamVol.24 No.1/292-109Free access
Theoretical model for prediction of surface roughness in abrasive slurry jet polishing of glassK.G. Anbarasu; L. Vijayaraghavan; N. ArunachalamVol.24 No.1/268-91Free access
Optimisation and impact of process parameters on tool-chip interaction while turning of A286 iron based nickel superalloyM. Venkata Ramana; G. Krishna Mohana Rao; M. Dheeraj Reddy; B.V. Raja Ravi Kumar; P. Ravi KumarVol.24 No.1/248-67Free access
Assessment of features from multiple sensors in monitoring titanium millingJohn H. Navarro-Devia; Yun Chen; Dzung Viet Dao; Huaizhong LiVol.24 No.1/216-47Free access
Methods for dimensional stability improvement of end measurement toolsAlexander V. KozlovVol.24 No.1/21-15Free access