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International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation (IJMatEI)

International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Study of substitution of carburised 16MnCr5 used in sub-axis of machine tool spindle by carbonitrided steelMir Nariman YoozbashiVol.14 No.179-93Free access
A study on the sustainable machining of AISI 630 stainless steel under minimum quantity lubricationSivakumar Subramani; N.M. Sivaram; Narendra Laxman GajbhiyeVol.14 No.160-78Free access
Analysis optimisation of machining aspects and wear characterisation of Al6061 reinforced with SiC and graphiteH.S. Balasubramanya; B.V. Nagesh; N.D. Prasanna; Yogesha Lakkegowda; S.M. AradhyaVol.14 No.149-59Free access
Effect of elevated temperature on indentation response of glass/epoxy laminates hybridised with milled fibresK. Saravanakumar; C. Suresh Kumar; V. ArumugamVol.14 No.134-48Free access
An experimental evaluation of mechanical properties and tribological behaviour of A380/NanohBN compositeJaivir Singh; Noe Alba-Baena; Rajeev Trehan; Vishal S. SharmaVol.14 No.117-33Free access
Investigations on wear behaviour of Al 6061-GNP metal matrix composites by using Taguchi L16 approachR. Sivarama Krishnarao; V. Veeranna; A. Gopala KrishnaVol.14 No.11-16Free access