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International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation (IJMatEI)

International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A review on fly ash as a sustainable material to reinforce the mechanical properties of concreteAezeden Mohamed; Willie Doaemo; Kamalakanta MuduliVol.13 No.158-72Free access
Composite tiles from waste plastics and fly-ash: modelling the influence of composition on mechanical and physical propertiesSampa Chakrabarti; Sayantan Adak; Abhijit BandyopadhyayVol.13 No.143-57Free access
Quantification of surface erosion in polymeric insulating material under electrical stress using FTIR, SEM and edge detectionChintan Patel; R.R. PatelVol.13 No.133-42Free access
Understanding the effects of picosecond laser texturing of silicon solar cells on optical and electrical propertiesAnup Sharma; Deepak MarlaVol.13 No.123-32Free access
Experimental analysis on machinability aspects of sintered aluminium metal matrix (Al + Si + Mg + Cu + SiC) composite - a novel product produced by powder metallurgy methodRajesh Kumar Behera; Birajendu Prasad Samal; Sarat Chandra Panigrahi; Sudhansu Ranjan Das; Aezeden Mohamed; Kamalakanta Muduli; Ananya Samal; Pramod Kumar Parida; Ratnakar DasVol.13 No.11-22Free access