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International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining (IJKEDM)

International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Gender classification based on similarity features through SURF and SVMD.K. Kishore Galla; Babu Reddy MukamallaVol.6 No.189-104Free access
The discovery of normality of body weight using principal component analysis: a comparative study on machine learning techniques using different data pre-processing methodsM. Sornam; M. MeharunnisaVol.6 No.174-88Free access
Selection of optimal hot extrusion processing parameters for AA6061 using fuzzy AHP and TOPSISSarojini JajimoggalaVol.6 No.156-73Free access
Real-world credit scoring: a comparative study of statistical and artificial intelligent methodsZhou Ying; Tabassum Habib; Guotai Chi; Mohammad Shamsu UddinVol.6 No.132-55Free access
SharY: a dynamic ridesharing and carpooling solution using advanced optimised algorithmK.M. Mehedi Hasan Sonet; Md. Mustafizur Rahman; Shoumik Rahman Mehedy; Rashedur M. RahmanVol.6 No.11-31Free access