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International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining (IJKEDM)

International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Fuzzy logic-based single document summarisation with improved sentence scoring techniqueDarshna Patel; Hitesh ChhinkaniwalaVol.5 No.1/2125-138Free access
Multi channel selection using distributed mutual exclusion and multi-criteria decision in cognitive radio networksAsma AmraouiVol.5 No.1/2114-124Free access
A novel channel state prediction technique for overlay cognitive radio-based emergency sensor networksSwagata Roy Chatterjee; Mohuya Chakraborty; Debashis SahaVol.5 No.1/290-113Free access
Image optimisation using dynamic load balancingGanesh V. Patil; Santosh L. DeshpandeVol.5 No.1/268-89Free access
Towards a scalability approach for risk mitigation in electrical systemsEl Yasmine Ait Si Larbi; Ghalem Belalem; Bouziane BeldjilaliVol.5 No.1/240-67Free access
An analysis of the 2016 US presidential election using Chanakya - a knowledge discovery platform for text miningRashmi Malhotra; Kunal MalhotraVol.5 No.1/217-39Free access
Performance improvement options of scientific applications on XeonPhi KNL architecturesShajulin BenedictVol.5 No.1/21-16Free access