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Inderscience is pleased to announce that the following new journal title has been registered, with publication planned for 2022:

International Journal of Education, Arts and Social Issues in Africa

Submitting Articles

To submit a paper to this new title or to any of Inderscience's journals, please visit our For Authors page.

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Inderscience Publishers' online journal collections represent excellent value for money. You can

◾ subscribe to the full online journal collection ◾
◾ select one or more of our pre-selected subject collections ◾
◾ create a customised collection of 15 or more titles of your choice ◾

Our ten pre-selected online journal subject collections are listed below. Each collection is broken into more specific sub-collections, full details of which are available via the links provided.

Computing and Mathematics
Economics and Finance
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Energy and Environment
Healthcare and Biosciences
Management and Business
Public Policy and Administration
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Science, Engineering and Technology
Society and Leisure

A subscription to the full online journal collection, a pre-selected subject collection or a customised collection can provide extensive discounts on title list prices. To request a quotation, to set up a FREE institutional online trial or for further information about our licensing options, please email

Please contact or fax +41-22-9295600 for details of subscriptions, including complete collection subscriptions and tailor-made packages.

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Please help Atypon share the latest coronavirus research and news

In response to the current global health emergency, Atypon has created a website with a free real-time, social media-like feed that delivers the latest peer-reviewed research, preprints and news on the coronavirus pandemic as soon as it is published. Their goal is to help the professionals combating this outbreak to get the latest facts sooner and put them into practice more quickly.

To help us expand the reach of this resource, please consider sharing the link to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Special Edition with your networks. This free feed aggregates content from over 30,000 authoritative sources across the web to accelerate the discovery of trusted, comprehensive information.

The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Special Edition feed is driven by Scitrus, Atypon’s AI-based discovery technology. The feed is publicly available at

Scholarly publishing community has role to play in protecting U.S. healthcare workers from COVID-19: non-medical professionals asked to donate protective supplies to

Critical PPE items such as facemasks, goggles, gloves, and protective gowns are stockpiled in offices and facilities that have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic: from labs in universities and corporations, to machine shops, cleanrooms and engineering and construction job sites.

The website is coordinating the transfer of unused PPE from private organisations to the healthcare facilities requesting them in the same vicinity. is a grassroots organisation led by emergency medicine physicians, working to give all PPE proceeds to the frontline healthcare workers most in need. needs:

  • Surgical masks
  • Goggles
  • Face shields
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Isolation gowns
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Scrubs
  • Disposable shoe covers
  • Nasopharyngeal swabs
  • Respirators

Please visit for details of how you can help.

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New look for Inderscience Online

The online platform for Inderscience's journal content is getting a new, more modern look, which will also make it easier to find articles and carry out research.

Existing user accounts and settings will remain unchanged; Table of Contents alerting services, article favourites and article citation tracking alerts will all be carried over.

Look out for the change from the middle of October!

International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Powertrains (ICAVP2021) a Success

The International Conference on Advanced Vehicle Powertrains (ICAVP), a biennial event since 2017, was initiated by the International Journal of Powertrains. ICAVP2021 took place over 3-4 September (hosted by Beihang University in Beijing, China), and the two-day conference was truly a success. More than 200 online and offline experts and scholars from China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries participated to discuss "dual carbon goals". Furthermore, the development status and future trends of cutting-edge technologies such as advanced motive power systems, electric propulsion systems and new energy vehicle technologies were also discussed.

The hybrid conference offered both in-person and global online attendance to address the pandemic situation. It was also broadcast globally via the internet for its prospective audience. 73 experts attended in person, over 143 attended online, and over 186,000 viewers viewed its free broadcasts.

The following broadcast links from ICAVP2021 will be available online for one year.

The Main Venue Link
3 September Room A
3 September Room B
4 September Room B
4 September Room A (including Closing)

ICAVP2021 had five invited keynotes, ten invited technical reports from ten automotive companies, and 29 technical presentations from 32 accepted full papers. One BPA and two Student BPAs were awarded. The conference programme is available here.


Improved Clarivate Citation Reports and Impact Factors for Inderscience Journals

Inderscience's Editorial Office is pleased to announce that 2021's Journal Citation Reports from Clarivate Analytics have revealed advances in impact factors for many Inderscience journals, including the European Journal of Industrial EngineeringEuropean Journal of International ManagementInternational Journal of Bio-Inspired ComputationInternational Journal of ExergyInternational Journal of Global WarmingInternational Journal of Mobile CommunicationsInternational Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal TechnologyInternational Journal of Shipping and Transport LogisticsInternational Journal of Surface Science and EngineeringInternational Journal of Technology ManagementInternational Journal of Web and Grid Services, and Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

The Editorial Office would like to congratulate and thank all editors, board members, authors and reviewers involved, and is pleased to see their endeavours rewarded in these latest Citation Reports.

Editorial appointments

New editors have been appointed as follows:

Prof. Mitsuo Gen to the International Journal of Internet Manufacturing and Services.

Associate Prof. Jinyang Xu to the International Journal of Product Sound Quality.

Prof. Wen-Chyuan Chiang to the International Journal of Revenue Management.

Associate Prof. Jason Papathanasiou to the International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics.

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The following sample issues and open access articles have been made available since the previous edition of Highlights. All of the articles can be accessed for free.
Free Sample Issues
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
Int. J. of Data Science
Int. J. of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies
Int. J. of Social and Humanistic Computing
Economics and Finance
Int. J. of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation
Int. J. of Electronic Banking
Energy and Environment
Int. J. of Sustainable Manufacturing 2018 Vol.4 No.1
Healthcare and Biosciences
Int. J. of Data Mining and Bioinformatics
Int. J. of Healthcare Technology and Management
Management and Business
EuroMed J. of Management
Int. J. of Corporate Governance
Int. J. of Decision Sciences, Risk and Management
Int. J. of Foresight and Innovation Policy
Int. J. of Islamic Marketing and Branding
Int. J. of Logistics Economics and Globalisation
Int. J. of Managerial and Financial Accounting
Int. J. of Planning and Scheduling
Public Policy and Administration
Int. J. of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
Int. J. of Vehicle Safety
Science, Engineering and Technology
Int. J. of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering
Int. J. of Forensic Engineering
Int. J. of Intelligent Engineering Informatics
Int. J. of Postharvest Technology and Innovation
Int. J. of Precision Technology
Int. J. of Vehicle Design
Open Access Articles
An empirical investigation of green shipping practices, corporate reputation and organisational performance in container shipping
Int. J. of of Shipping and Transport Logistics
An analysis of the ethical frameworks and financial outcomes of corporate social responsibility and business press reporting of US pharmaceutical companies
Int. J. of Business Governance and Ethics
Android apps and advertising networks - a survey on data privacy
Int. J. of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity
Characterising the sweet corn postharvest supply chain: travel from Senegal to the UK
Int. J. of Postharvest Technology and Innovation
Container barge (un)reliability in seaports: A company case study at the port of Antwerp
Int. J. of of Shipping and Transport Logistics
Design of reverse logistics system for B2C e-commerce based on management logic of internet of things
Int. J. of of Shipping and Transport Logistics
Evaluation of emergency preparedness exercises: the design of a questionnaire to measure staff perceptions
Int. J. of Emergency Management
Financial analysis method based on astrology, Fibonacci, and Astronacci to find a date of direction inversion: JCI and future gold prices (empirical study of the JCI-IDX and gold prices, period of 2008-2017)
Int. J. of Economics and Business Research
Green port performance evaluation under uncertainty: a multiple attribute group decision analysis
Int. J. of of Shipping and Transport Logistics
Logistics quality management practices and performance of international distribution centre operators
Int. J. of of Shipping and Transport Logistics
Optimal Design of Motor Learning Experiments Informed by Monte-Carlo Simulation
Int. J. of Experimental Design and Process Optimisation
Sustainable port development: the role of Chinese seaports in the 21st century Maritime Silk Road
Int. J. of of Shipping and Transport Logistics
The influence of cultural context in managerial decision-making: legitimacy views of Finnish and Italian managers
Int. J. of Human Resources Development and Management
The manifesto of money (the neutrality of money)
Int. J. of Critical Accounting
Understanding stakeholder influence: lessons from a controversial megaproject
Int. J. of Human Resources Development and Management
Android apps and advertising networks - a survey on data privacy
Int. J. of Information Privacy, Security and Integrity

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The following articles were selected for their wider appeal to a more general audience, and some have been featured in the scientific and business press as well as the international media:
Computing, Mathematics and Communications
A feature-based approach for digital camera identification using photo-response non-uniformity noise
A high-quality frame rate up-conversion technique for Super SloMo
Classifying COVID-19-related hate Twitter users using deep neural networks with sentiment-based features and geopolitical factors
Discovering social bots on Twitter: a thematic review
DroidMD: an efficient and scalable Android malware detection approach at source code level
Exploring the heated debate over reopening for economy or continuing lockdown for public health safety concerns about COVID-19 in Twitter
Information protection of end users on the web: privacy issues and measures
Methods for forgery detection in digital forensics
Microscopic image analysis for herbal plant classification
Older adults and online communities: recent findings, gaps and opportunities
Prediction of Nth friends using spatial data mining in social networks
Road sign detection using edited shuffled frogs leaping algorithm
The effects of cultural differences on social media behaviour
Economics and Finance
Impact of COVID on the stock market: a study of BRIC countries
Education, Knowledge and Learning
Analysis of structured data on Wikipedia
Toward a socially-distributed mode of knowledge production: framing the contribution of lay people to scientific research
Energy and Environment
Effects of COVID-19 on energy savings and emission reduction: a case study
Improved hybrid fuzzy logic system for evaluating sustainable transportation systems in smart cities
Short-term solar power forecasting using satellite images
Soft measurement of dioxin emission concentration based on deep forest regression algorithm
The current public acceptance in Brazil of nuclear science and technology for peaceful purposes
Utilisation of fish waste bones ash for struvite precipitation in actual landfill leachate
Healthcare and Biosciences
Analysis of COVID-19 genetic risk susceptibility using UK Biobank SNP genotype data
Brainwave entrainment through external sensory stimulus: a therapy for insomnia
Development of a hospital virtual tour with virtual reality-based panorama
Genes to drug: an in-silico approach to design a drug for Huntington disease (HD) in Homo sapiens
Neural network and NLP based chatbot for answering COVID-19 queries
Virtual doctor consultation, potential to revolutionise healthcare access in resource poor settings: opportunities and challenges
Management and Business
A web of clues: can ecosystems be profiled similarly to criminals?
Donning the mask: the impact of Covid-19 on emotional labour performance
Managing employee turnover: machine learning to the rescue
Marketing theatrical films for the mobile platform: the roles of web content/social media, brand extension, WOM, and windowing strategies
Modelling and characterisation of the obsolescence process
Rethinking occupational welfare policies in long-term care organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic: an organisational ethics approach
The impact of digital sales channels on web sales: evidence from the USA's largest online retailers
The influence of social media platforms on the customer purchase intention post COVID-19 outbreaks
Public Policy and Administration
Ethical leadership is not black and white: a case study on stakeholders and African rhino conservation
Risk, Safety and Emergency Management
A novel approach for COVID-19 outbreak spread monitoring and control using smart grid technology
Covid-19 and food security in Southeast Asia
Individual differences predict drivers hazard perception skills
Predicting the possibility of COVID-19 infection using fuzzy logic system
The imperative of research and development in Nigeria: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
The effect of peppermint odour on fatigue and vigilance in conditional automated vehicle
Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Indian states during lockdown: incorporating heterogeneity and non-pharmaceutical interventions
Which strategies are appropriate for the fight against the worldwide coronavirus crisis?
Science, Engineering and Technology
Traffic jam prediction using hazardous material transportation management simulation
Ultrasonic sensor based social distancing device
Society and Leisure
An ontology-driven perspective on the emotional human reactions to social events
Digitalisation in the hospitality industry: motivations, effects and role of Covid-19
The effects of COVID-19 in the tourist society: an anthropological insight of the trivialisation of death and life

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