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International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management (IJHTM)

International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Application of variational mode decomposition in automated migraine disease diagnosisK. Jindal; R. Upadhyay; M. Vijay; A. Sharma; K. Gupta; J. Gupta; A. DubeVol.18 No.1/2111-128Free access
Avoidable deaths in Britain's National Health Service - a systems-thinking informed analysis using data garnered from government agencies, representative bodies, private canvassing and public inquiriesSimon Ashley BennettVol.18 No.1/295-110Free access
Vitality and well-being in nursesDavid Hemsworth; Jessica Fuentes Plough; Anahita Baregheh; Alireza Khorakian; Jeffery Overall; Treva Reed; Laurie Peachey; Jonathan MutereraVol.18 No.1/273-94Free access
Implementation of lean practices to reduce healthcare associated infectionsAnna Ferraro; Piera Centobelli; Roberto Cerchione; Maria Vincenza Di Cicco; Emma Montella; Eliana Raiola; Maria Triassi; Giovanni ImprotaVol.18 No.1/251-72Free access
Quest for dexterous prospects in AI regulated arena: opportunities and challenges in healthcareShagun Adlakha; Dinesh Yadav; Ramesh Kumar Garg; Deepak ChhabraVol.18 No.1/222-50Free access
Advanced brain imaging based on game theory for an automated Alzheimer diagnosisHanane Allioui; Mohamed Sadgal; Aziz ElfazzikiVol.18 No.1/21-21Free access