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International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing (IJSHC)

International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Understanding blogging motivations in palliative care using Maslow's hierarchy of needsNothando Ngwenya; Paul Kingston; Stella MillsVol.3 No.176-95Free access
A simultaneous evolution for analysing the interactions between CO2 emissions and national incomeCheng-Min Chuang; Chih-Chuan YehVol.3 No.161-75Free access
Link stable routing with minimal delay nodes for MANETsP. Jayalakshmi; R. SaravananVol.3 No.146-60Free access
Combined forecasting model of urban water consumption based on adaptive filtering and BP neural networkFuchen Ban; Dan Wu; Yueming HeiVol.3 No.134-45Free access
Simulation analysis of the search effectiveness on information-based firefightingLin Hui; Kuei Min Wang; Yung-Hui Chen; Fu-Yi HungVol.3 No.120-33Free access
Will you accept my job? A new approach towards predicting human participation in mobile crowdsensingTanveer Ahmed; Abhishek SrivastavaVol.3 No.11-19Free access