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International Journal of Vehicle Safety (IJVS)

International Journal of Vehicle Safety

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Abdominal injury analysis of a 6-year-old pedestrian finite element model in lateral impactWenle Lv; June Ruan; Haiyan Li; Shihai Cui; Lijuan He; Shijie RuanVol.9 No.185-100Free access
Comparison of driving performance during the blood alcohol concentration ascending period and descending period under alcohol influence in a driving simulatorHuiqin Chen; Guanjun Zhang; Renjie Chen; Lei Chen; Xiexing FengVol.9 No.172-84Free access
Pedestrian safety: an overview of physical test surrogates, numerical models and availability of cadaveric data for model validationAnil Kalra; Vishal Gupta; Ming Shen; Xin Jin; Clifford C. Chou; King H. YangVol.9 No.139-71Free access
Road traffic accidents trends in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates during 2001-2014Khaled HamadVol.9 No.124-38Free access
Development and validation of a head/brain FE model and investigation of influential factor on the brain response during head impactNoritoshi Atsumi; Yuko Nakahira; Masami IwamotoVol.9 No.11-23Free access