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International Journal of Vehicle Safety (IJVS)

International Journal of Vehicle Safety

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Design and analysis of an impact energy absorbing steering systemM.S. Patil; Varun GalgaliVol.10 No.187-96Free access
Can electroencephalography improve road safety? An EEG-based study of driver's perception of traffic light signals in a virtual environmentMd. Reshad Ul Hoque; Gleb V. TcheslavskiVol.10 No.178-86Free access
Understanding the spatial patterns of tanker accidents in Nigeria using geographically weighted regressionMoses O. Olawole; Olabisi M. OlapojuVol.10 No.158-77Free access
Crashworthiness optimal design of a new extruded octagonal multi-cell tube under dynamic axial impactZhonghao Bai; Kai Sun; Feng Zhu; Libo Cao; Jun Hu; Clifford C. Chou; Binhui JiangVol.10 No.140-57Free access
Robust real-time driver drowsiness detection based on image processing and feature extraction methodsMaryam Keyvanara; Nasrin Salehi; Amirhassan MonadjemiVol.10 No.124-39Free access
A preliminary study to optimise safety conditions on a freight urban robotic vehicleGiovanni Gerardo Muscolo; Giorgio Moregola; Rezia MolfinoVol.10 No.11-23Free access