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International Journal of Vehicle Safety (IJVS)

International Journal of Vehicle Safety

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A comparative analysis of three typical crash tests results based on small overlap frontal collision accidentsZhixin Liu; Weijie Ma; Lei Lou; Weidong LiuVol.11 No.3275-288Free access
Investigation of risk factors affecting injuries in reclining seat under frontal impactLiang Tang; Jiajia Zheng; Qing ZhouVol.11 No.3247-274Free access
Modelling traumatic brain injury in pedestrian involved in backover collisionsAtsutaka Tamura; King H. YangVol.11 No.3229-246Free access
Stability optimal control for liquid tank under transverse excitationZhixin Yu; Jie Li; Fuguang Dai; Shaosong Li; Xinxin ChengVol.11 No.3214-228Free access
Biomechanical performance of a bicycle helmet design on a six-year-old head impact protectionBei Li; Haiyan Li; Shihai Cui; Lijuan He; Shijie RuanVol.11 No.3197-213Free access