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Sports and other entertainment-sector firms play important roles in the digitalisation challenge created by the knowledge economy. This challenge requires paradigm shifts in ways companies operate. Current technological/quantitative approaches to information technology are insufficient for a deeper understanding of its implications, which requires a more profound qualitative/social analysis of electronic technologies' impact on the entertainment business. IJDCET fills this gap, fostering dialogue about how culture and tourism require an integrated approach emphasising content, context and multiple, dynamic views of interactions.


 Topics covered include

  • Accounting, finance, governance in digital companies, sport and entertainment industries
  • Corporate disclosure and digital culture
  • Intangible assets in digital companies
  • Digital society
  • Corporate strategy, digital business models and decision making processes
  • Sport, entertainment and cultural industries, sport law
  • Intellectual property rights and e-branding
  • Measurement performance system in digital companies and among web and traditional companies
  • Business evaluation in digital companies
  • Business networks in web companies and among web and traditional companies
  • ICTs in cultural institutions and tourism companies
  • E-book and digital libraries
  • Digital culture and e-tourism adoption
  • E-entertainment and info-cultural-tainment
  • E-tourism, smart tourism, mobile tourism, web 2.0 and web 3.0

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The main aims of IJDCET are to:

  • illustrate the impact of digital technologies on enhancing the cultural and/or tourist experience, due to the digital evolution of consumer culture.
  • outline business opportunities and new business models of digital technology adoption for organisations, focusing on cultural institutions (e.g. museums, schools, universities, libraries, churches, television, print media) and tourist companies (e.g. accommodation companies, travel agencies, tour operators, transport companies).


Academics, researchers, business consultants, business engineers, cultural institutions managers, tourist companies managers. Online libraries supplying students, academics and researchers.


IJDCET publishes original research papers about innovative ideas, providing significant results and reviews regarding the topics of the journal. Special Issues devoted to important topics will be published occasionally.



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Editor in Chief

  • Lombardi, Rosa, University of Rome “Link Campus”, Italy

    Associate Editors

    • Abbate, Tindara, University of Messina, Italy
    • Rossi, Matteo, University of Sannio, Italy
    • Trequattrini, Raffaele, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy

    Regional Editors

    • Del Giudice, Manlio, Link Campus University, Italy
    • Dumay, John, Macquarie University, Australia

    Editorial Board Members

    • Bechter, Clemens, Thammasat University, Thailand
    • Belyaeva, Zhanna, Ural Federal University, Russian Federation
    • Bresciani, Stefano, University of Turin, Italy
    • Caputo, Andrea, University of Lincoln, UK
    • Carayannis, Elias G., George Washington University, USA
    • De Cantis, Stefano, University of Palermo, Italy
    • Dholakia, Nikhilesh, University of Rhode Island, USA
    • Dominici, Gandolfo, Business Systems Laboratory and University of Palermo, Italy
    • Egger, Roman, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria
    • Ersoy, Nezihe Figen, Anadolou University, Turkey
    • Gretzel, Ulrike, University of Queensland, Australia
    • Hua, Jing, Wayne State University, USA
    • Inversini, Alessandro, Bournemouth University, UK
    • Koskimaa, Raine, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
    • Kumar, Ashish, Aalto University, Finland
    • Lueg, Christopher, University of Tasmania, Australia
    • Mendes-Filho, Luiz, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
    • Mocciaro Li Destri, Arabella, University of Palermo, Italy
    • Mohd. Noor, Faridah Noor, University of Malaya, Malaysia
    • Murphy, Fiona, Queen's University Belfast, UK
    • Notarstefano, Giuseppe, University of Palermo, Italy
    • Rebman Jr., Carl M., The University of San Diego, USA
    • Shams, Riad, University of Newcastle, Australia
    • Vrontis, Demetris, University of Nicosia, Cyprus
    • Wang, Dan, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong SAR, China
    • Ward, Janet, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
    • Weber, Yaakov, College of Management, Israel


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