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International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation (IJPTI)

International Journal of Postharvest Technology and Innovation

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Effect of storage conditions on physico-chemical properties and fatty acid ratio, C18:2/C16:1 of blended fatGarima Sengar; Harish Kumar Sharma; Mandeep KaurVol.4 No.181-101Free access
Development and evaluation of low cost evaporative cooling systems to minimise postharvest losses of tomatoes (Roma vf) around Woreta, EthiopiaHenock Woldemichael Woldemariam; Biresaw Demelash AberaVol.4 No.169-80Free access
Salinity effects on colour and health traits in the pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) fruit peel Hamutal Borochov-Neori; Sylvie Judeinstein; Effi Tripler; Doron Holland; Naftali LazarovitchVol.4 No.154-68Free access
Effect of nano-silver particles on postharvest life of Lilium orientalis cv. 'Shocking'Seyed Hossein Nemati; Behnam Esfandiyari; Ali Tehranifar; Azar Rezaei; Seyed Jamal AshrafiVol.4 No.146-53Free access
Evaluation and quantification of the contributions of damaged shea kernels to the quality of Nigerian shea butterJude Uche Obibuzor; Roland Doye Abigor; Ibiso B. Omamor; Vivien O. Omoriyekemwen; Tonbra Okunwaye; Emmanuel A. OkogbeninVol.4 No.133-45Free access
Low oxygen pre-storage treatment is effective in reducing chilling injuries of deciduous fruitEdna Pesis; Oleg Feygenberg; Revital Sabban-Amin; Susan E. Ebeler; Elizabeth J. Mitcham; Ruth Ben-ArieVol.4 No.123-32Free access
Indirect solar drying kinetics of sheanut (Vitellaria Paradoxa Gaertn.) kernelsDivine Nde Bup; Charles Fon Abi; César Kapseu; Clergé Tchiegang; Zéphirin MoulounguiVol.4 No.11-22Free access