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International Journal of Forensic Engineering (IJFE)

International Journal of Forensic Engineering

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Investigating the level of involvement of lean manufacturing tools in Hail Industrial CityIsam Abdul Qader Abdul Rahman ElbadawiVol.4 No.175-88Free access
Geopolitics in the search for the disappeared Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370Alfred WongVol.4 No.147-74Free access
Olive mill wastewater phenolic compounds adsorption onto active olive stones: equilibrium isotherms and kinetics studyNoureddine ElboughdiriVol.4 No.131-46Free access
Building crack evaluation program for the identification of its causesT. Barkavi; C. NatarajanVol.4 No.120-30Free access
Forensic study of premature failures with unbonded concrete overlay on interstate 70 in OhioJunqing Zhu; Shad Sargand; Roger Green; Issam KhouryVol.4 No.11-19Free access