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International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding (IJIMB)

International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Social media marketing, Turkish behaviour and the 2016 military coup attemptAshraf M. Attia; Rana A. FakhrVol.4 No.176-93Free access
The attitude of Jordanian customers towards virtual storesMohammad Abuhashesh; Suleiman Jamal Mohammad; Mohammad Al KhasawnehVol.4 No.159-75Free access
The Islamic consumer and the halal marketSedki Karoui; Romdhane KhemakhemVol.4 No.145-58Free access
Religious business leaders in Pakistan: theorising the phenomena of religiosity-driven business practicesAyesha Latif Shaikh; Muhammad Zaki RashidiVol.4 No.127-44Free access
Analysing the relationship between misconceptions about halal among non-Muslims and their intention to boycott halal productsMastura Ab. WahabVol.4 No.11-26Free access