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International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding (IJIMB)

International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Muslim youths' e-lifestyle and its impacts on well-beingSiti Hasnah Hassan; Teo Shao Zhen; Imran Mahmud; Azizah OmarVol.5 No.158-75Free access
Awareness towards Halal pharmaceuticals: an analysis of pharmacists' viewsBaker Ahmad Alserhan; Mehmet Bayirli; Fida ZakzoukVol.5 No.143-57Free access
Segmentation of retail bank customers based on occasions (Agribank of Iran as case study)Shahriar Azizi; Mikael ParsaVol.5 No.128-42Free access
Constructing marketing thought: the case of Islamic marketingP. Sergius KokuVol.5 No.117-27Free access
Halal tourism: guidelines for OmanAsad RehmanVol.5 No.11-16Free access