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EuroMed Journal of Management (EMJM)

EuroMed Journal of Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Corporate social responsibility disclosure and tax aggressiveness: French evidenceSafa Chemingui; Mohamed Ali Brahim Omri; Fatma Wyème Ben Mrad DouagiVol.4 No.2167-184Free access
Board diversity and performance of microfinance institutions: new insight from GhanaEbenezer Agyemang BaduVol.4 No.2148-166Free access
Progress or missed opportunity: regulation and bank stability in South European countriesSaima Mehzabin; Md. Yousuf; Peter Wanke; Md. Abul Kalam AzadVol.4 No.2134-147Free access
The psychological contract is a factor in the success of the entrepreneurial support relationshipFitouri Mohamed; Samia Karoui ZouaouiVol.4 No.2124-133Free access
Auditors' work in times of COVID-19 outbreak: two questionnaire surveys in TunisiaSana Triki DamakVol.4 No.2104-123Free access
Patronage of insurance products and financial literacy nexus: an emerging market perspectiveJustice Boateng Dankwah; Abdul-Razak Abubakari; Skudjo BunyansoVol.4 No.290-103Free access