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International Journal of Decision Sciences, Risk and Management (IJDSRM)

International Journal of Decision Sciences, Risk and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Capital controls: a tool to protect an economy under pressure? The cases of Cyprus, a eurozone member, and IcelandGeorgios Gad; Emmanuel PetrakisVol.9 No.1/2106-128Free access
Job satisfaction determinants and assessment: the case of a Greek public agency under organisational changeEfstratios Meimaridis; Christina DiakakiVol.9 No.1/283-105Free access
Greek milk price decompositionFotios Symeonidis; Dikaios TserkezosVol.9 No.1/255-82Free access
Social media adoption among small and medium-sized Greek hotels: a survey about its antecedents and its impact on performance outcomesMaria Spita; Eirini Peitzika; Sofia ChatziVol.9 No.1/223-54Free access
Incentive schemes for bank branch staff during deep recession: empirical evidence from GreeceGeorgios Koutsoukos; Anastasios Magoutas; Panos ChountalasVol.9 No.1/21-22Free access
Risk dimensions of a vertical Chinese expansion in the Greek tourism sector: the Chinese sideAngeliki N. Menegaki; Giorgos M. AgiomirgianakisVol.8 No.3149-171Free access