Chapter 1: Invited Addresses and Tutorials on Signals, Coding,
  Systems and Intelligent Techniques

Pages Title and author(s)
3 - 3Title: Computational Intelligence in Feedback Systems
Marios Polycarpou
5 - 5Title: Neural Network Principles for Organisms in Nonstationary Environments
D. S. Levine
7 - 7Title: Classification of Infrasound Events: A Neural Network approach
Fredric M. Ham
9 - 14Title: Image Processing and Image Mining for Biotechnological Inspection Processes
Petra Perner
15 - 28Title: Novel Imaging Technologies: From Cancer Detection To Defense, Semiconductor Inspection And Nanophotonics
George C. Giakos
29 - 33Title: Inverse scattering procedures for active imaging systems at radiofrequencies and microwaves
Matteo Pastorino
35 - 35Title: Transcoding MPEG-2 compressed video into H.264/AVC
Daniele Bagni
37 - 37Title: Frequency Domain Adaptive Filtering in Signal Processing and Communications
Kosta Berberidis
39 - 40Title: Knowledge-Based Web Systems for Product Representation and Recommendation
Bhanu Prasad
41 - 41Title: Superfast Filters
Demetrios G. Lainiotis
43 - 43Title: The H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Standard: Core Coding Technology and Recent Extensions.
Detlev Marpe
45 - 45Title: Recent developments in audio coding
Maciej Bartkowiak
47 - 48Title: Multiple Description Coding for Scalable Multimedia Coding
Peter Schelkens
51 - 55Title: MV AR Model Order Identification Using Partitioning Theory
Stylianos Sp. Pappas, Assimakis K. Leros, Sokratis K. Katsikas
57 - 61Title: A multi-model approach to fatigue crack growth monitoring and prediction
V. C. Moussas, S. K. Katsikas
63 - 67Title: Evolutionary Lainiotis' Algorithms for System Identification: a Survey
Grigorios N. Beligiannis
69 - 71Title: Time invariant Kalman filter implementation via general Chandrasekhar algorithm
N. Assimakis, A. Kechriniotis, S. Voliotis, F. Tassis
73 - 75Title: An interesting property of the doubling algorithm for solving the discrete time Riccati equation
N. Assimakis, S. Roulis, D. Lainiotis, M. Triandafillidis
77 - 81Title: An operator for the analysis of superimposed intrinsically two dimensional patterns
Di Zang, Gerald Sommer
83 - 87Title: Non-Separable 2-D and 3-D Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image and Video Processing Using Lifting Scheme
Safar Hatami, Shervin Sharifi, Mahmoud Kamarei, Hossein Ahmadi, Ahdiyeh Delfan Abazari
89 - 93Title: Hardware implementation of 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform by using Non-separable Lifting Scheme
Safar Hatami, Shervin Sharifi, Mahmoud Kamarei, Hossein Ahmadi
95 - 99Title: Level-dependent wavelet denoising: application to very noisy ECG signals
Sid Ahmed Chouakri, Fethi Bereksi-Reguig, Said Ahmaïdi, Odette Fokapu
101 - 104Title: The Optimum Configuration for Sampling Rate Conversión from CD to DAT Using Multistage Interpolation and Decimation
Mahdi Mottaghi-Kashtiban, Saeed Farazi, Mahrokh G. Shayesteh
105 - 109Title: Blind signal processing algorithms
Athanasios Margaris, Efthimios Kotsialos
111 - 115Title: A Simple Algorithm for Reducing Time in Image Sequence Analysis
Kostas Hrissagis
119 - 124Title: Real time car detection in images based on an AdaBoost machine learning approach and a small training set
Milos Stojmenovic
125 - 128Title: Fuzzy-genetic cell boundary extraction in medical images
George Karkavitsas, Maria Rangoussi
129 - 133Title: Image segmentation using pulse coupled neural networks
Panos Liatsis, Bo Li, Tomislav Kos, Ida Srdic
135 - 138Title: A new object detection algorithm based on adaptive lifting scheme
Mahdi Amiri, Hamid Reza Rabiee
139 - 142Title: Automatic labelling of facial features
Juan Pablo de la Cruz Gutiérrez
143 - 146Title: Dynamically reconfigurable processor for multimedia application
Hrvoje Mlinaric, Kresimir Duracic, Mario Kovac
147 - 150Title: Speech Period Detection Using Neural Network Classification
Andrej Vrábel, Gregor Rozinaj
153 - 158Title: Traffic Engineering in Multiservice Networks Based on Computational Intelligence
Vasilios Pasias, Dimitris Karras, Rallis C. Papademetriou
159 - 164Title: On Traffic Engineering in Survivable Multi-service Backbone Networks
Vasilios Pasias, Dimitris Karras, Rallis C. Papademetriou
165 - 169Title: A Distributed Arithmetic Architecture for Fast Implementation of Vector or Matrix Products
Grigoris Grigoriadis, Yiannis Boutalis, Basil Mertzios
171 - 177Title: Combining backpropagation and genetic algorithms to train neural networks
George Papakostas, Yiannis Boutalis, Sofoklis Samartzidis, Dimitrios Karras, Basil Mertzios
179 - 183Title: A Structural Similarity based Image Fusion Algorithm for Night Vision Applications
Anwaar ul-Haq, Adnan Idris, Anwar M.Mirza, Sajid Qamar
185 - 188Title: Trace Transform Based Invariant Feature Extraction System
P. Filo, J. Turán, L'. Ovsenik, K. Fazekas
189 - 193Title: Object-driven content-based image retrieval
Ioannis Pratikakis, Basilios Gatos, Stavros Perantonis, Iris Vanhamel, Hichem Sahli
195 - 198Title: Analysis of Singular Systems using the Haar Wavelet Transform
Dimitrios A. Karras, Panagiotis Sotiropoulos, Basil G. Mertzios
199 - 203Title: The Fundamental Matrix in Second-Order ARMA Systems
B. G. Mertzios, G. F. Fragulis
205 - 209Title: A comparative study of colortexture image features
Dimitris Iakovidis, Dimitris Maroulis, Stavros Karkanis
213 - 216Title: A new coder for Bilinear Transformation in H.263
Mahmoud Tabandeh, Farokh Marvasti, Seyed Mahdi Bouzari
217 - 220Title: A preliminary non linear analysis of Internet data traffic
M. P. Hanias, I. Diakakis, I. Almaliotis, S. Tsitmidelis
221 - 225Title: The hierarchical traceability codes for multimedia fingerprinting
Yu-tzu Lin, Ja-ling Wu
227 - 231Title: Secure University Campus Networks using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
M. K. Papalabrou, I. K. Almaliotis, I. Diakakis, A. K. Proimadis, I. Christakis
233 - 237Title: Approaches to energy consumption management in mobile ad-hoc networks
C. Katsigiannis, G. N. Prezerakos, I.S. Venieris
239 - 243Title: Performance Evaluation of the 802.16e Uplink in mobile fading channels
R. Manishankar, Panagiotis Dallas, G. Karachalios, Gregory Yovanof
245 - 248Title: Blind Channel Tracking for Zero Padding OFDM System Using a Two-layer Neural Network
He Huang, Jing Yang, Yuhang Wang, Hongxing Zou
249 - 253Title: An efficient QoS scheme for all-IP Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Theodore Zahariadis, Stamatis Voliotis, Christos Manasis, Dimitrios Bargiotas
255 - 259Title: Internet Protocol version 6 as backbone of heterogeneous networks
Bojan Bakmaz, Zoran Bojkovic
263 - 267Title: Digital Image Watermarking in Wavelet Domain based on FSK Modulation
Ashgar Beheshti, Ahmad Yaghoobi, Masoud Ghoreishi
269 - 272Title: The Influence of Simultaneous Contrast on Image Appearance
Lidija Mandic, Sonja Grgic
273 - 276Title: Generalization Abilities of Appearance-Based Subspace Face Recognition Algorithms
Kresimir Delac, Mislav Grgic, Sonja Grgic
277 - 280Title: Quantization Based Video Watermarking with Controlled Degradation
Swetha Kurup, Sridhar G., Sridhar V.
281 - 283Title: Real Time Contour Separation
A. Frolov, S. Primechaev
285 - 289Title: Voxel-based 3D face representations for recognition
A. B. Moreno, A. Sánchez, J. F. Vélez
291 - 294Title: Study on the real time detecting and tracking of moving object
Jun Zhou, Xin-hao Li, Cheng-zhi Sun, Ming-ying Wu
295 - 298Title: Speaker Identification Using Orthogonal and Discriminative Features
Seyyed Hashem Davarpanah, Abdolreza Mirzaei, Amir Ziaei
299 - 303Title: Subjective and simultaneous estimation of depth perception on computer-generated stereogram
Masayuki Iizuka, Yoshio Ookuma
305 - 308Title: Color images filtering by anisotropic diffusion
B. Coll, J.L. Lisani, C. Sbert
309 - 312Title: A system to enhance details on partially shadowed images
Rafael Heitor Correia de Melo, Evelyn de Almeida Vieira, Aura Conci
313 - 316Title: On the line width influence in directional field determination for fingerprint images
Flavio Maggessi Viola, Sanderson L. de Oliveira Gonzaga, Aura Conci
319 - 324Title: Efficient Compression of ECG Signals based on two dimensional wavelet transform and DCT decimation
Morteza Moazami-Goudarzi, Hamid Reza Rabiee, Mohammed Ghanbari
325 - 328Title: Video Coding Using Matching Pursuit With Image-Adapted Dictionary
Leszek Gorecki, Marek Domański
329 - 333Title: Architecture for denoising EEG signals based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Andres Eduardo Gaona Barrera, Dora Maria Ballesteros Larrotta
335 - 338Title: Improving the Performance of Adaptive Linear Prediction Coding (ALPC) Via Least Square Minimization
Giovanni Motta, James A. Storer, Bruno Carpentieri
339 - 343Title: Efficient gradient-based mode selection for intra4x4 coding in H.264/AVC
J. C. Pujol-Alcolado, A. Martin-Navas, M. de-Frutos, F. Diaz-de-Maria
345 - 348Title: On Context-Based Predictive Techniques for Lossless Image Compression
Grzegorz Ulacha, Ryszard Stasiński
349 - 354Title: Blur Identification In Noisy Images Using Radon Transform And Power Spectrum Modeling
Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam, Mansour Jamzad
355 - 360Title: A fast skipping policy for H.263 video transcoder
Maurizio A. Bonuccelli, Francesca Lonetti, Francesca Martelli
363 - 367Title: A Generalized Architecture for Hardware Synthesis of Spatio-Temporal Memory Models for Image Processing
Håkan Norell, Mattias O'Nils
369 - 374Title: A low power scheduling tool for soc designs
A. Mahdoum, N. Badache, H. Bessalah
375 - 379Title: A system development method for global active noise control
S.M. Potirakis, M. Rangoussi
381 - 384Title: Solid or split ground in ADC systems
C. Castro-Serrato, A. Pechlaner, R. Gledhill, M. Omer
385 - 389Title: Custom Network Processor Design for High-Performance Multiservice Access Concentrators
Theofanis Orphanoudakis, Aristides Nikologiannis, Ioannis Papaefstathiou, George Kornaros, Iakovos Mavroidis, Nicholas Zervos
391 - 395Title: CAD tool for optimized design of high-performance active filters
Marius Neag, Liviu Nedelea, Marina Topa, Lelia Festila
397 - 400Title: Metastability parameters evaluation by DSO data acquisition
Branka Medved Rogina, Ivan Michieli
401 - 404Title: Implementation of a digital MAC controller for Gigabit PON systems
H. C. Leligou, J. D. Angelopoulos, Th. Orphanoudakis, G. Prezerakos
407 - 410Title: High resolution image restoration by new super-resolution algorithm with context switching motion estimator and improved POCS based reconstruction stage
Krzysztof Malczewski, Ryszard Stasinski
411 - 415Title: Efficient Parallel Form of Multiuser Detection in CDMA Receivers
Daniel Tapia, Hector Perez, Mariko Nakano
417 - 420Title: Application of a robotic arm to an automated multi-recording process
Aristides Tzanis, George Delaportas, George K. Fourlas
421-425Title: Extracting a reference signal for cardiac MRI gating: Experimental study for wavelet functions choice
Odette Fokapu, Dima Abi-Abdallah, André Briguet
427 - 431Title: Implementation of opamps for teaching of electronic neural networks
Stylianos Halkiadis, Nikolaos Chasanagas
433 - 436Title: Communication of independent robotic grippers for safe hand-over of fragile objects
Αntonios Gkotsinas, Konstantinos Kalovrektis, Nicolaos Glossas, Nicolaos Assimakis
437 - 440Title: The electrical activity of the heart and analysis low-level signals of the ECG
Stefan Jurko, Gregor Rozinaj
441 - 445Title: Low computational algorithm for obstacle avoidance in mobile robotics applications
Nikos Katevas, Stamatis Voliotis, Ioanna Pappa, Eugene Vlachos
449 - 452Title: A Generic Simulation Environment for Knee Joint Kinematics Simulations
Dušan Heric, Božidar Potocnik
453 - 457Title: Software Concept for Power Quality Study
Boris Bizjak, Peter Planinšiè
459 - 462Title: Context based quantization using Bayesian inference
Dušan Gleich, Mihai Datcu
463 - 466Title: Scale Adaptive Edge Detection using Maximum Entropy
Dušan Heric, Damjan Zazula
467 - 471Title: Advanced DSP based system for image transmission over GSM/GPRS networks
Jože Mohorko, Dušan Gleich, Peter Planinšiè
473 - 476Title: Wireless monitoring system of biomedical data: security issues
Aleksandar Peuliæ, Siniša Randjiæ, Žarko Euèej
477 - 481Title: Combining Features from Wavelet Decomposition for Vehicle Detection
Tomaž Romih, Žarko Cucej, Peter Planinšic, Panos Liatsis
483 - 486Title: Subjective assessment of the quality of advanced coded video signal
Marko Hebar
487 - 491Title: Work Based Learning in International Environment
Tatjana Welzer, Boštjan Brumen, Marjan Družovec, Katja Udir, Marko Ivanišin