About Inderscience Publishers

Inderscience is a publisher of high quality peer-reviewed international journals in the fields of:
  • Science, engineering and technology
  • Management, business administration and law
  • Computing, internet and ICT
  • Energy, environment and sustainable development.
  • Economics, accounting and finance
  • Education, learning and human resources development
  • Healthcare and medical engineering
  • Public policy and public administration
  • Risk assessment, safety and emergency management
  • Arts, entertainment and leisure

It applies the highest professional and ethical standards to the publishing of its journals and its conduct of its business, designed to:

  • Map new frontiers in emerging technologies in research, industry and governance
  • Link centres of excellence world-wide to stimulate and enhance creative and application-oriented problem solving for society
  • Explore the synergy and collaboration within the sciences, management and policy creation and implementation
  • Establish authoritative channels of communication between experts, policy-makers and practitioners in academia, industry and government


Dr Woodrow W. Clark II, former Senior Policy Advisor to the Governor of California, says of those journals in his sphere of interest: "They are not just there to capture the interest today in energy and environment, but are and will be core resources for professionals in the field. The State of California and its many academic and practical institutions involved in the energy crisis here welcome the new journals which address not only the problem but also offer solutions and ideas for meeting the challenge now and in the long term"

Dr Richard de Neufville, Professor of Engineering Systems and of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT, in an introduction to a special issue of the new International Journal of Technology, Policy & Management writes: "A remarkable collection of reports...the first collective account of developments, from all the leading universities involved, at a turning point in the development of the field"

Dr A. Galip Ulsoy, William Clay Professor of Manufacturing and Head of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA suggests that: "Inderscience's focused international journals... provide an important complement to the established traditional journals which tend to have a broader focus. They answer the need for journals to provide a high-quality archival forum for rapid publication of research results in focused areas"

Dr Ravi Jain, Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of the Pacific emphasises that: "Inderscience journals provide a major contribution to science, technology, policy and innovation processes in the chosen areas; their contribution and impact are truly global. In the United States, these journals are well recognised and highly regarded"

Dr Edward B. Roberts, David Sarnoff Professor of Management of Technology at MIT Sloan School of Management states: "I proudly submit articles on a regular basis; the number and quality of Inderscience journals has grown dramatically"

Prof. Dr - Ing. Ernst D. Dickmanns, Director of Vehicle Dynamics Institute, at the University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich, Germany considers that: "Inderscience journals represent an excellent standard and so I expect that new journals will be equally well suited for people from academia and industry"

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