Chapter 11: Knowledge and Information Management

Pages Title and author(s)
555 - 566Title: Data and information collection process modeling for product lifecycle and health management
Zhouhang Wang, Kondo H. Adjallah, Pierre Padilla
567 - 576Title: An experiment in PLM user-experience
H.J. Pels
577 - 589Title: Lessons learned system integration into a PLM tool
Aurélie Bertin, Philippe Clermont, Daniel Noyes, Patrick Sanchez
590 - 599Title: Knowledge based process configuration in micro cold forming
Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Florian Harjes, Nele Brenner, Michael Lütjen
600 - 609Title: An extension of the core product model for reverse engineering
Nadège Troussier, Matthieu Bricogne, Farouk Belkadi, Alexandre Durupt, Guillaume Ducellier
610 - 621Title: PLM-based building information modeling in civil construction projects
Jasper A. Dammann, Silke Eucker, Lars Hagge, Jens Kreutzkamp, Stefan Sühl, Daniel Szepielak, Przemyslaw Tumidajewicz, Norbert Welle
622 - 632Title: On the implementation of a framework for modeling and deploying decision processes in engineering
Martin Eigner, Martin Langlotz, Fabrice Mogo Nem
633 - 640Title: CMMI: requirements for analyzing integrated PLM data
Matthias Reinelt, Axel Hahn, Stephan große Austing, Jürgen Geuter