Proceedings of the International Conference on
Product Lifecycle Management PLM'10
PLM-SP6, 2010


This book contains all contributions presented at the International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management 2010 (PLM10), which took place from July 12th–14th 2010 in Bremen, Germany. The PLM10 has been the seventh PLM conference in the series and the first held in Germany. Following the tradition of previous successful conferences [locations include Bangalore (2003), Lyon (2005), Bangalore (2006), Bergamo/Milano (2007), Seoul (2008) and Bath (2009)], the theme of the PLM10 conference was to present recent developments in PLM related areas of significant academic interest and of critical importance to industrial application. Product lifecycle management (PLM) is an integrated business approach to the collaborative creation, management and dissemination of engineering data throughout extended enterprises, which develop, manufacture and operate engineered products and systems. It is a critical success factor to support enterprises over the whole lifecycle of products and systems from concept to end of life and disposal. PLM involves aspects such as people, processes, business systems and information, and presents major opportunities and challenges for those stakeholders involved in all the different aspects of the product life cycle. The papers presented at the conference provide an overview of the spectrum of current topics in PLM. Technical and engineering issues such as standards, interoperability, PLM architectures, product development and life cycle engineering have been substantial driving forces in the domain for many years. But an increasing focus on management issues is prevailing. Among these are especially the management of change, of knowledge, of asset information and of supply chains widely discussed in the community. Apart from this, sustainability and product services play very crucial roles. During the PLM conference in 2010, 63 full papers have been presented by the authors coming from 17 different countries. These contributions have been collected and published within these proceedings. The editors are grateful for the many contributors who have made PLM10 possible: the authors and presenters, especially the keynote speakers, the International Scientific Committee that diligently reviewed all submissions, the Conference Chair and Steering Committee for their support and finally the Local Organizing Committee for its hard work. To all of these, detailed in the next section of this booklet, we owe our heartfelt thanks. Klaus-Dieter Thoben
Chris McMahon
Henk Jan Pels
Johannes Lützenberger