Chapter 6: Sustainability

Pages Title and author(s)
279 - 289Title: Design influences in end-of-life treatment of wastes of electrical and electronic equipment: state of art and perspectives
Anastasia Katsamaki, Nikolaos Bilalis
290 - 301Title: Development of cost index model for recycling in end-of-life management
Wen F. Lu, Baofeng Hew
302 - 312Title: Environmental impact of manufactured products: a measure inspired by nature
Prabir Sarkar, Hyo Won Suh
313 - 322Title: LCA: the state-of-the-art of environmental impact assessment in buildings
Elisavet Dimitrokali, Rusdy Hartungi, Joe Howe
323 - 332Title: Product, processes and organisation lifecycles
Giuseppe Confessore, Giacomo Liotta, Giuseppe Stecca