Chapter 2: Collaborative Product Development

Pages Title and author(s)
61 - 72Title: The skeleton in the multi-level assembly model for top-down innovation design of mechanical product
Xiang Chen, Shuming Gao, Youdong Yang, Shuting Zhang
73 - 83Title: Enhanced decision making processes using ad hoc collaboration tools
H. Stöckert, H. Gärtner, H. Hayka, R. Stark
84 - 94Title: New interface management tools and strategies for complex products
Keyvan Rahmani, Vincent Thomson
95 - 105Title: Supporting consumers with network agents for product lifecycle management
Takayuki Nakada, Hiroyuki Hiraoka
106 - 116Title: PLM for mechatronics integration
Ulf Sellgren, Martin Törngren, Diana Malvius, Matthias Biehl