Chapter 12: Requirements and Early-phase Collaboration

Pages Title and author(s)
565 - 574Title: Approach to automation of the requirement determination process by computer-aided configuration
Youssef Chahadi, Herbert Birkhofer, Thomas Rollmann, Reiner Anderl
575 - 586Title: PLM as a strategic approach supporting requirements management process
Mourad Messaadia, Farouk Belkadi, Thierry Gidel, Nadège Troussier, Benoit Eynard
587 - 597Title: Quality data model and quality control in the product lifecycle management
Clotilde Rohleder, Christoph Marhold, Camille Salinesi, Joerg Doerr
598 - 608Title: Semantic structure mapping in the earlier phases of the product lifecycle
Manfred Rosenberger, Andrea Denger