Chapter 3: Interoperability

Pages Title and author(s)
119 - 129Title: A conceptual vision of interoperability of CAD tools and software to track evolution of design process
Ravi Kumar Gupta, Balan Gurumoorthy, Vincent Robin, Philippe Girard
130 - 138Title: Enabling interoperable manufacturing knowledge sharing in PLM
Robert Young, George Gunendran, Nitishal Chungoora, Jenny Harding, Keith Case
139 - 149Title: Design and logistics IT federation through product lifecycle support standard
Thomas Paviot, Vincent Cheutet, Samir Lamouri
150 - 162Title: Shape-function-relationship (SFR) framework for semantic interoperability of product model
Ravi Kumar Gupta, Balan Gurumoorthy
163 - 172Title: Towards PLM interoperability between aeronautical partners
Christophe Merlo, Mickaël Romain