Licence options

The following licences are available to institutional subscribers:

1. Institutional title level access - Standard licence

Access and use of Inderscience Publishers' journals on a title-by-title basis are subject to our standard site licence. Your institution is entitled to access all Inderscience Publishers Online Journals to which your institution currently subscribes. Access is based on a concurrent user model, details of which can be found on each of the individual journal subscription pages. Journal homepages can be accessed from the Inderscience homepage.

2. Institutional collection level licence - Standard

Organisations may contact us for a quotation to subscribe to one or more of Inderscience Publishers' online journals collections providing extensive discounts on full title rates. At a collection level your institution is entitled to unlimited organisation-wide* access via your institution's secure network, or secured remote or off-site access, or via a secured proxy service.

*Please note that an organisation in this case shall mean an organisation located within a single national boundary and organised through a single administrative body. Surcharges will be payable for additional sites situated in other countries, or from affiliated organisations.

View our standard licence template (PDF). If you wish to discuss options for licencing access to our online collections please contact us.

3. Institutional collection level licence - Multi-site

A standard collection level site licence provides organisation-wide access to an organisation located within a single national boundary and organised through a single administrative body. If your organisation has sites located in other countries or your organisation has additional administrative bodies or affiliates for whom you also wish to set up access, then contact us to set up a multi-site licence.

4. Institutional consortia licence

Consortia sales agreements and licences are individually negotiated. For more information please email us.

Open Access

All our titles offer both traditional and Open Access publishing options for authors, except for the International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms which is becoming an Open Access-only journal.

Please get in touch if you are interested in discussing institutional membership payment options for article processing charges (APCs).